Ankara fabric chokers are becoming extremely popular these days and you don’t have to spend a lot to own one yourself! I created mine in less than 5 minutes. All you need to create one for yourself are

A Piece of fabric

A Press on button

Iron on heat bond strip

Needle and thread

Step 1

Measure round your neck using a tape measure and note this length (Mine was 14.5 inches). Then determine how wide you want your choker to be and note it as well (I wanted mine to be 1 inch in width). Using the dimensions you’ve measured, draw out on your fabric a rectangle that follows the formula below –

(Desired choker width x 2) by (Circumference of your neck +1 inch)

Hence, I drew out a rectangle that was 2 inches wide and 15.5 inches long for mine.

Then follow the drawn on lines and cut out your fabric!


Step 2

Place your heat bond along one edge of the ‘wrong side’ of the fabric. then fold your fabric into two to ‘sandwich’ the heat bond between the fold.


Step 3

Iron your fabric in place using an iron on high heat. This will seal/join both sides of the fabric together! (We’re almost done! ^_^)diy-ankara-choker-3

Step 4

Sew on your press on button to both ends of your choker, ensuring the snap together the right way! (I made a mistake at first myself lol).

PLEASE NOTE : You might have some visible stitch marks at the back of your choker. So if you wish to conceal it, just a gem stone or any cute embellishment over it!


All done! Your very own Ankara choker in 4 easy steps!

What do you think?


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7 replies on “DIY || Easiest Ankara Choker Tutorial You’ll ever see!

  1. This is lovely I better screen shot this so I can practice it… super excited would share Photos on IG and would tag you…


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