In November 2014, I started High Street Mania… Funny story – I actually can’t remember the exact date as I never took note of it. I didn’t know celebrating a blog anniversary was a thing but oh wells! Throughout the course of this month I’ll be sharing with you all a few things about my experience so far as a blogger t0 celebrate my blog anniversary.

So today we’ll start with this Look Book infused post talking about :

5 things I’ve learnt/realised since I started blogging

Can you guess what they are?


1 . It’s okay not to be Perfect!

I used to spend a lot of time beating about the bush with my blog content. My posts were never good enough and I always saw faults. From spelling errors to layout, etcetera, etcetera. This made me very self-conscious and demoralised MANY TIMES. I always saw faults – which isn’t a problem as they can easily be corrected – but the need to be ‘perfect’ stopped me from publishing certain articles or DIY projects. It made me second guess myself and even when others said my post was great, I used to think they were just trying to be nice. Looking back now I wonder WHY?! Why did I waste so much time creating good content and then not publishing it because of the imperfection I always saw? Isn’t that how we learn? Isn’t that how you get better? Making mistakes and learning from them? Well, thank God I grew out of it ‘cos now I’ve learnt that mistakes, faults and so on are part of the process. Learning from them is the only way to get better.

2. I can never be like them.

It has taken some personal growth, self-appreciation and soul-searching for me to realise I can never be like ‘them’. I can never be like the bloggers or icons I admire the most because I am not them. I have learnt that while it is ok to look up to certain people and aspire for your work to be recognised on the same level or higher than theirs, trying to look, write and sound like others doesn’t help anyone!

So I’ve learnt that I cannot be like others and why will I want to? We’re all awesome enough the way we are! ^_^

3. The blogosphere is indeed big enough.

Following from the previous point, I have also learned that the blog world is big enough for everyone. However, it is essential to create your own space and clearly identify your own ‘thing’. Trying to do so many things at the same time, all because person X does, might only result in you trying to take that person’s spot – which is already occupied^_^.

So I’ve learnt to create my own space in the blogosphere and work on expanding it.


4. Consistency is gold

I cannot stress this enough. Having a blog schedule, posting on certain days and sticking to a particular theme and feel in my content has helped me a lot. So consistency in all aspects is gold!

5. If I don’t ever get paid to blog, I’ll still blog.

Last but not the least – and probably the most important one for me is this point. I have a lot of people ask me how I stay consistent – How I find time to blog. For me, my blog has become more than a place for me to share my personal style and creativity. It is my stress reliever, my boredom killer, my place of solace and lots more. So when I find myself needing to chill out or take a break I blog! So you see, even if I never get paid to blog (Not saying I will not HAPPILY accept payment lol;)) I will always run my blog on those days I need to let some stress out. It’s more than just a blog for me!

So I hope those 5 points inspire someone out there and for those who really just came for the outfit details #lol, here they are!

Outfit details

White Top Primark || Leggings (Similar) || Pink Duster Coat || Shoe Missguided (old) || Sunglasses Aliexpress 


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9 replies on “Look Book || Dusty Pink! + 5 Realisations Since I Started Blogging #HSM-at-2

  1. I love the outfit! The coat is so classy and I love the shade of pink. The points you make are so true, when criticising ourselves we always find the smallest of imperfections others don’t notice or sometimes “create” them as such.

  2. Fierce!!!That choker is all shades of awesome and your jacket…gosh!!!very beautiful.This outfit is simply awesome.
    On the other hand,Consistency is something I definitely need to work on.With work and school I hardly have time for myself and my blog suffers.smh However I never let that discourage me in any way.
    Lovely post

  3. oh my! that outfit is to diee for! I’m totally gushing over those heels!!!!
    Also, I completely agree with 5 (well, all of them) but esp 5….i have such a passion for writing and sharing ideas, thoughts, and honestly i just love keeping a log of things going on in my life for my own keepings! but also agreed, I would not be opposed to making some kind of a profit from it 😉 great post!

    xo, JJ

  4. I can totally relate Demi….the need to be perfect is the thief of Joy! Consistency is definitely gold…possibly platinum and I definitely will keep blogging, come what may.
    P.S. You look fly as a bird! Damn! I want that duster…

  5. I can so relate with all the points particularly number 5, very well out together. I love your outfit! Is there a no-slay day for you? Lol
    P.s-Happy Blogversary month!


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