Will you believe it if I tell you this is genuinely how I like to dress up? #Lol – I don’t believe me too but I’ll let you in on a secret – There’s a dark side to me… and I guess it’s the same with everyone.

On one hand, I really love being girlie and you’ll see this very clearly if you go through my Look Book section. On the other hand, I also love to drop that sweet innocent girl-next-door look and embrace a more care-free sassy look. Being cheeky is a side of me I love letting out… once in a while… not necessarily verbally though but with my outfits and the slogans on my clothes. I guess there’s this thing that comes with wearing an outfit with a cheeky slogan, phrase or word that just makes you feel like ‘Whatever! World – I’m doing me’. So when I spotted this “Owambe” simley slogan from Afro-Smileys, a made in Nigeria Street Style brand, I knew it had to be part of my wardrobe somehow.

So I spoke to the brand owner, Ariyo, and in no time, this baby was delivered to me! My very own custom made T-Shirt dress. TALK ABOUT MADE IN NIGERIA PRODUCTS WITH QUALITY! I must confess I was extremely impressed with the quality of the item. For something made from scratch just for me, in Nigeria were casual clothing items are not typically produced, the finishing was superb and the fabric is perfect. It’s Nothing like the regular flimsy cotton fabrics you get these days. This dress will be in my wardrobe for along time without any blemish. You know those sort of materials that last for a very long time? Yep – that’s what Afrosmileys use for it’s dresses.

I guess another thing I loved about it was the fact that the Smiley used on the shirt is very relatable for me. For those who don’t know what Owambe means it’s basically a slang used in Nigeria to refer to massive parties. The kind were everyone’s wearing the same fabric but in different styles, with massive head-ties that block you from seeing that’s in-front and the kind with loads of music and food! That’s an Owambe! (or what do you think my fellow Nigerians)

The word also originates from my Tribe – The Yoruba Tribe – and maybe that’s why I love it even more.


Anyways, let’s forget about what I think about it, let’s hear what you have to say? Will you wear this or no?

P.S. Shirt dress cost N5,000 and can be customised with any smiley of your choice! 

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