DIY Black Pom pom heels

So a few weeks ago,  I walked into TKmaxx (A retail store) and saw these  beauties! I tell you it was love at first sight, even though they were damaged. The creative bug in me, didn’t see any flaws but an opportunity to make this item look even better and so I went to the till with them, asked for a little discount on them of course and brought them home to be restored!


Through out summer, the hype around the Aquazzura pom-pom heels was just all over the place. So I knew, immediately I spotted them, that I was going to do something Aquazzura inspired to restore them to life. So today I’ll be showing you with a quick picture tutorial, just how I got them from 0 to a gazillion in seconds – but if you prefer a video tutorial, just scroll down to the bottom to watch the complete video!

But first! Here’s a list of the thing’s you’ll need

A pair of heels – They can be any pair of sandal heels you want

Some craft pom-poms

A glue gun – or any water proof tacky glue of your choice

A pair of scissors (just incase ^_^)


Step 1

If your heels come without any embellishment on the front, skip to step 2! Else, take off all the embellishments (or in my case,pom-poms) from your sandals.

Step 2

Arrange your craft pom-poms on your sandals or on a table to get an idea of how you want to lay them out on your heels. I used some of the black ones that came with the heels as well!


Step 3

Stick your pom-poms to your sandals one at a time, ensuring that the glue doesn’t stain the top of your pom-poms.

Step 4

Once all your pom-poms are in place, begin applying a bit of glue in between them to make sure they stay close to each other. AGAIN, be careful not to let your glue stain your heels or the top of the pom-poms.


… and that’s it!

Here are my final results! It was also featured in this look book here!<— Do have a look ^_^. What do you think?

diy-pom-pom-shoe-repair-6 diy-pom-pom-shoe-repair-10 diy-pom-pom-shoe-repair-7


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