Colourless – or No? Black and white are always referred to as basic colours; colours that have no colour – If that makes sense? It’s almost like when you say Red is a colour, or Yellow is a colour, Purple, Pink – but how many times to you think of Black or White as colours when asked about them?

It’s funny ‘cos we all appreciate the beauty of this pair of blank colours, Black and White; and that’s exactly how I felt shooting this look. What’s also interesting is how great these two work together in the fashion industry, yet in everyday life we associate them with two contrasting end of life. I guess this is where the saying ‘opposites attract’ comes to play – well, colour wise.

Anyways – enough of the philosophical talk Demi… Let’s talk about the outfit 😉

I wanted to create a look that depicted what I imagined my day-to-day uni outfit will look like. Me strutting down the hallway in my heels, sipping my cup of coffee hot chocolate, walking into lecture halls like a boss lady #lol. You know that American college girl dream they sold to us in movies? That’s actually how I imagined uni would be like.

Truth be told, I wake up most mornings brain dead and with little or no motivation to to put any outfit together. What usually saves me is the time I take out each night before I sleep to choose my outfit for the next day; else, I’ll be going for that messy hair, makeup-free faced, T-shirt and jeans look and throw on some trainers to complete the mix.

Anyways, I decided that if I couldn’t live my college girl dream in real life, I’ll bring my imagination to life in a blog post! So what do you think of my outfit? The American College girl slay look or Nah?

Ouftit details below! (P.S. The heels are a DIY project done by me! Coming soon!!! ^_^)

Outfit details

Nude Turtle Neck Jumper Primark|| Leather Detail Waterfall Jacket Primark (S/S15)||White Trousers Newlook|| Shoes DIY by me || Sunglasses Primark 

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14 replies on “Look Book || Colourless! 

  1. I agree about the uni dream. I used to see me, always getting it right with the eyebrows, with the combo…but man, I wear so much black, I just try not to forget to wear the toms, instead of slippers… Life of a drama student

  2. Fabulousio! Looking #Girlboss in my opinion. And CAN’T wait to hear about those shoes! I want me a pair. Have a Happy Day!


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