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Manicures don’t always have to be expensive and while some are expensive because of the materials used for them, in this ‘Economy’, you just have to behave like a recessionista and look for cheaper alternatives😉 (A term I learned from Indiana of

So today, I will be showing you my new favourite way to get my nails done on a budget! – £1 to be precise (That’s about N500) and If you will like to see a tutorial on how to make your own stick on nails, click here!

So yes. Let’s get started with today’s tutorial. But first, here are the things you’ll need

Your stick on nails

A nail file

Transparent top coat

Step 1

Open up the packet of nails. You should find a small plastic bag with some nails in it depending on the brand you are using. You will also find some nail glue, which is what I used. If it doesn’t come with nail glue, you can easily get this from a beauty supply store or the market (for those in Nigeria) or if you want to use some other nail glue , that’s fine as well.


Step 2

Begin to sort through the nails to find the one that fits each nail perfectly. Arrange them neatly on a flat surface for easy identification when sticking them on.


Step 3

Next it time to start sticking on the nails. First apply some glue onto your nail, place the faux nail on it, press down for about 10 seconds and move on to the next. Repeat this for every nail until you’re all done.


Step 4

Once all the nails have been glued on, file it to your desired shape if need be.

Step 5

Apply a Top coat over the nails to give it a glossy look and leave to dry.

Once you’ve done this for every nail, you’re all done!


Here’s my finished result! What do you think?

Don’t forget to let me know if you will like a tutorial with regular plastic nails – I hear they cost only about N50 in Nigeria lol



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