call me on the pay phone-12Call me on the Pay Phone call me on the pay phone-2  call me on the pay phone-5

Now before you ask, Yes, there are Telephone booths scattered around Nigeria but No, they don’t work. I found this booth close to my house and just had to shoot with it. It looked too nice to be ignored but shooting around it made me think… A LOT!

I love my country Nigeria and if there’s one thing I’m really proud of it’s being Nigerian. However, like most things in Nigeria it is sad that the only thing this payphone is good for is ‘Posing’. Nigeria as a country is blessed with so many things. Resources, Rich Culture, Landscapes and the people… They are amazing. Literate or ‘Illiterate’, most people in Nigeria have something to offer regardless of their educational or family background. From professional to vocational skills, Nigeria is very able to be self reliant but for a few individuals who seem to have sworn themselves to making sure Nigeria stays at the bottom. Yet, with all that, we still somehow find it possible to be a happy people. Smiling through the pain and hurt we face each day ‘Posing’ – Like this phone booth and you know what… That’s one thing I love about going to Nigeria for holidays- There’s joy regardless.

I’m not particularly politically inclined so let me not turn this Look Book Post into a Political discussion. However, remember that sometimes no one needs to know what’s really going on within you. Stay pretty, Stay calm and learn from the hardships you face. You’ll only be better off for it in the end.

That said, what do you think of my look? Slay or slay?

Outfit details

Denim Shirt Matalan || White Trousers Newlook || Shoes Newlook || Clutch TKMaxx || Sunglasses H&M

Call me on the Pay Phone-8 call me on the pay phone-6 call me on the pay phone-14

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8 replies on “Look Book || The Telephone Experience

  1. You wrote some beautiful words about your country, I can relate so much to them, I live in Mexico, and it’s such a beautiful country, full of hard working, good people, but unfortunately, our politics aren’t good people, they are greedy and that makes us stay behind, it makes me sad to say it, and I wish things would be different here, as I’m sure you’d like for them to be in Nigeria as well. Anyways, it’s a pleasure seeing your outfits as always, and that gorgeous smile of yours, keep on smiling 🙂 ❤

  2. This has to be the neatest phone booth I’ve seen in a while… I almost thought it would be working because it looks so new. I really hope and pray that the government would look into this because it’s really necessary just in case of emergency. I love your outfit especially your shoes 😍😍 nice post dear


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