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A few weeks back, The Blogger Point hosted two blogger brunches in Lagos and Abuja. While both events were a success (If I say so myself lol), I think it’s safe to say that all most of the bloggers in attendance will agree that one of the highlights of it all was getting a goody bag! With various items donated by different brands with different product types, it was nice being able to explore products made and sold by Nigerian Brands.

So today, I will be showing you a few of the products from my goody bag, mainly beauty products and sharing my thoughts on them as quickly as I can!

Beauty Revolution – L.A. Girl Eyeliners

So these products are not actually made by Beauty Revolution but Beauty revolution as a company stock and sell various makeup products from popular brands. They stock both foreign brands and made in Nigeria brands which is great as I feel that gives you the opportunity to explore a wide range of products in one place.

My goody bag contained 2 liners in Black and Sky blue and I am yet to try either. However, L.A. girl seems to be a popular brand amongst makeup enthusiast so I have high hopes that when I do try out these liners they will be fab!

The Skin Apothecary – Liquid Black Gold and Shea Whipped Cream

Now first of all, I love the packaging of the items. Although they were probably made to be this small for sampling purposes, I still love how cute they look. That said, I think a lot more can be done in terms of the labels put on the items and maybe some brief instruction or introduction on how to use the products should be included in my opinion. It makes it easy to know and identify what the product is for and how to use it at a glance. So that’s one feedback for the brand ^_^.

The Shea Whipped Cream – Pretty straight forward. It’s whipped Shea butter with some other oil added into the mix. Anyone who knows me will know I am a sucker for Shea butter, so this product was an easy win for me. The texture of the product makes it very easy to use and as a product it is very versatile. I’ve used it on my scalp, on my skin and even to moisturise my lips. So yes, I love it!

The Liquid Black Gold was a bit trickier to figure out – Again because there was no real description of what it was. At first I thought it was a body oil but when I applied a small amount to the back of my palm, it didn’t feel like oil. It looked a bit creamy and it had a peculiar smell. It smelt like black soap. So I tried it out in the shower, it lathered up and my conclusion is that it is black soap. I need to confirm this with someone though #lol. However, it has worked fine as a soap so far and if it is indeed black soap, I think having it in liquid form is such an innovative idea so kudos to the brand! I like my black soap.

Ilham Pure Organic Skin care – Lip balm

As you may know, I’m a lip-product junkie and love Lip balms especially and up until the point I misplaced this product 😥 sob sob I was pleased with it. First impressions? Good packing, consistent with what’s already on the market, i.e. the usually wind up Lip balm (like the usual chapstick) and it smelt great!

I think what made this product special for me is that it is organically made, very moisturizing and most especially MADE IN NIGERIA! However, initially it was really easy to apply but then it melted at some point from the heat in the environment and then it became a tricky to apply without smudging or applying too much over my lips. That said, I think that’s generally normal for any oil based product to melt easily in Nigeria but I would expect that because it’s a made in Nigeria product, the manufacturers would take into consideration the climate of the environment and enhance the product’s formula to cope with it but oh wells! Still worked perfectly as a lip balm regardless.

Kellecious Fragrance – Sugar Kissed

Another made in Nigeria product and possibly the one I was most excited about – Body Mist! (Actually all the products in this post are made in Nigeria except the LA girl liners). I’m not entirely sure what the scent of this product is but it reminds me of Vanilla. It smells nice and the packing in convenient. However, it would have been nice to have some description of what scents make up the fragrance as that would give one an idea of what it will smell like before purchase (Although I didn’t purchase this one but imagine I did, then I’ll be clueless ^_^). The fragrance also doesn’t last all day but that’s expected of body mists generally so there’s nothing to really to complain about.

Overall it smells nice and does the job so I guess it’s a good product too! 😀

So those were all the beauty products in my goody bag – Oh wait, except the gold eye-mask which I haven’t tried yet, but I’ll feature that in a post later on. I also got a few fashion pieces as well and I will make them known to you whenever I get the chance to feature them in a Look Book!

So I hope you enjoyed this joint review!

Until Next Time!


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