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Welcome back to my blog ^_^. So last week I showed you what I wore to The Blogger Point’s Bloggers Brunch in Lagos (See here!) and told you to anticipate my outfit to the Abuja Brunch! I will just say this now – Being the city I live in, I felt the need to leave my favourite outfit of the two I got to the last. So I wore my playsuit to the Abuja Brunch at Sueno Wellness Centre, Wuse 2.

Unlike the usual idea of a floral outfit – Girlie and extremely colourful – this look is somewhat opposite to that ideology. The cut of the playsuit and the monochromatic theme going on with all the various flowers incorporated into the print make it perfect for being feminine yet with an edgy, almost Tom boy feel to it!

‘Funny’ story

On the day of the event, I wasn’t actually feeling my makeup during the application process and that put a major damper on my mood (Coupled with the rain that refused to stop all day). It also made me feel like my outfit was not so much of a good choice anymore but I decided not to let my eyebrows being ‘out of place’ or my liner refusing to flick or my highlight refusing to blend ruin my mood completely. I just went on with the process and hoped that something would make me love my look eventually – and I found it!

Prior to the event, I had been loving (still am… ) my LAX Lippie by ColourPop and it somehow made all the looks I wore it with look really nice. So I thought of wearing it to the brunch as well and at first it seemed a bit to dark to wear to a floral event. However, the way I was feeling at that moment meant anything was worth a try. So I thought what the heck! I slapped it on (nicely of course) and within seconds my dampened mood was lifted. I began to ‘feel myself’ again and remembered why I loved  my outfit  so much in the first place. My burgundy Lippie wasn’t too dark after all and was the perfect finish to my outfit.


Overall, I really loved this look and wish  I could get another playsuit like it. It was the last one in the store when I got it and H&M doesn’t seem to have anything similar anymore Sob Sob. Oh wells!

So now you’ve seen this look and the other one  I wore to the Lagos brunch. Which one’s your fave? (Comment below! ^_^)

Outfit details

Floral Jumpsuit H&M || Shoe River Island

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