DIY || Pom Pom Scarf

Let’s just say I’m on a DIY Streak shall we? I don’t think I’ve ever posted two DIY posts back to back but for some reason my DIY senses are tingling a lot these days so yeah… Let’s jump right into today’s post!

You would expect that after spending 6 years in the UK, surviving through main winter and mini winter (a.k.a British summer) scarves will be one of the accessories I am familiar with. However, it was not until recently that I discovered how fantastic these accessories are and how much pizzazz they can add to your look. It was this new-found love for scarfs that drew me to this super easy tutorial + I really wanted something with pom-poms!

So here’s how I made my Pom-Pom scarf in 4 easy steps! But first… a list of things you’ll need :

A Plain scarf – It could either be a new one or one you already own or just a piece of fabric!

2 meters of Pom-Pom trimming

Some sewing pins

A sewing machine

A pair of Scissors

DIY pom pom scarf

Step 1

Using your sewing pins, pin your pom-pom trimming along one edge of your scarf.

Step 2

Securely attach your trimming to your scarf edge by sewing it in place with a sewing machine. You can also use a needle and thread if you have the patience and time!

Step 3 (Optional step to be done under adult supervision!)

Lightly burn the edges of your pom-pom trimming to ensure the ends don’t fray

Step 4

Rock your scarf all around town! 😉

DIY pom pom scarf

Told you it was easy!

Hope you liked this short and sweet tutorial!

P.S. – How many other things can you add a trimming to?

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