A little while back, I came across a post about Multi-masking and decided I’ll do a little research to find out what it’s all about. Turns out that Multi-masking is exactly as the name says : Multi – Masking, i.e. using different masks on your face at the same time. If you think about it, it makes a lot of sense to Multi-mask especially if you have combination skin or different issues affecting different parts of your face. Why? Because you can treat these different problems with different mask AT THE SAME TIME! Brilliant isn’t it?

So I decided to give Multi-masking a try as part of my morning routine (once or twice a week only though).  For this I use my Bodyshop Honey and Oat mask and a Charcoal clay mask I got from Shoprite. The Honey and Oat Mask is used to treat the areas most prone to breakouts and dryness (my cheeks) and the charcoal mask for my T-area which is more oily! For easy of application and precision I use a Concealer makeup brush to apply the products to the necessary areas but first – I wash and cleanse my face!

Step 1

Washing with Bodyshop’s Tea Tree Face wash and my Vanity Planet face scrub (Review here!) using the daily brush head.

Step 2

Cleansing with my SBC 3-in-1 Gel Cleanser (Honestly my favourite skin care product at the moment! Check out the review here!)

Step 3

Finally Multi-masking! Like I mentioned before, I apply the honey and oat mask to my cheeks and the charcoal mask on my forehead and nose and chin area. Then after the recommend application time, I wash off both products and moisturise my skin as normal (with my Vitamin C Face cream also by Bodyshop)

So that’s my new morning and my multi-masking routine in a nutshell! However, there are so many other ways you can Multi-mask and you can also choose to use 2-4 different masks at the same time. I have so many face masks in my skin care collection and I’m constantly trying out new ones. So if try out any other multi-masking styles I’ll keep you all updated but for now, I hope you liked this post! ^_^

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Until Next Time!!!

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6 replies on “Beauty || Multimasking + My Morning Skin Care Regime.

    1. Thanks a lot hun! and you should try it out. It’s nothing special to be honest lol… just sounds fancy and I guess it saves you using products on an area where there’s no real benefit which means it’ll last longer to treat the areas you need it the most! – If you get what I mean ^_^


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