I have never gotten my nails done by anyone else! – well not anymore; but before my trip to Salon My Culture, I had always relied on my DIY skills to help get my nail in check!(See my nail tutorials here). I’ve only been to a nail bar in the UK once with my friend for her to get HER own nails done. So for me this was not just my first time getting my nails done in Nigeria, but my first time getting my nails done by a professional EVER!

Anyways, my mum decided to treat my friend and I out to a little pamper session and so to the nail salon we went.

We chose to go to this particular one because it’s owned by a church member of ours but trust me, their services are good enough to bring you back. The staff that work at the Salon were also all very cheerful, friendly and welcoming and the best part for me was the free WiFi! I must confess it was a massive plus for me. Anywhere that can offer me free WiFi get’s a Demi gold star :D.

Anyways, let’s get back to talking about my nails. I searched on google for the nail design I wanted and after scrolling through numerous pages, I found the perfect one! Matt navy blue nails with a rhinestone accent nail on just one hand – Elegant enough for me. If you look at the picture below, you must admit that the nail technician who did my nails for me, did a very very good job at replicating the design I chose.

Nail art Nigeria

He started by applying some stick on glass nails half way down my nails, then blending them in with my natural nail.  Then he cut and filed them down to my desired shape, applied a bottom coat, then the colour I wanted, etcetera, etcetera – If you’ve had your nails done before you know how it goes.

To be honest, I knew what to expect by getting my nails done because I’ve seen my friends do so in the past so nothing really seemed new and out-of-place. However, the most exciting part for me was using the UV nail lamp to dry my nails. Having never used on before, I was quite excited and surprised at the lamp’s effectiveness. In fact, I was so impressed by this lamp, I have decided to buy one for myself (haha).

Overall, I did enjoy getting my nails done but I’m not sure if or when I will be going back to a Nail technician. Not because of the experience but mainly because of the cost and time involved in doing so. For N 4,500, I believe it is quite pricy for nails that typically last 2 weeks (based on what other people say) and also, I don’t see myself sitting down for 1-2 hours just doing nails! It feels like so much productive time gone down the drain or maybe I’m just a hyperactive lol. Oh wells!

P.S. POST NOT SPONSORED. Salon My Culture is not just a Nail bar as the provide other beauty services.

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7 replies on “Lifestyle || My first time getting my Nails done in Nigeria! – How was it?

  1. The nails are beautiful😍😍 but 4500? it can only be in Abuja😝 I have had my nails done several times and I know that using a Matte nail polish and glass nails as well as the design on it is always much more expensive than regular nails but it still doesn’t amount to that much. But on the bright side you got free wifi😉



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