Summer is all about the music, drinks, tans and the sun! So it’s only natural that you may want to update your sunglass collection with the season’s hottest trends. Of course, you all know I’m not a pricy shopper and I’m always looking for the best deals (Bargain hunter on deck! lol). So I decided, why not share my top 3 sunglasses with you; also considering the fact that accessories tend to be overlooked in most style posts!

All under £7 and of good quality, the 3 beauties I’m about to introduce you to have proved themselves worthy and worth every penny spent on them. You might have even seen some of them in my recent style posts and just incase you were wondering where I got them from, here are the juicy details.

Let’s start with my designer dupe!

Oversized Round Wire Frame Sunglasses – Aliexpress

Dupe SunglassesDupe Sunglasses-2

I’m a sucker for dupes and that’s no news; but one thing that might interest you to know is that when I decided to get these sunglasses, I didn’t even realise that they were dupes for a designer brand! I saw them, loved them and got them! It wasn’t until they arrived that I thought to myself…

These sunnies are just too gorgeous. The must be a replica of a more expensive brand

So I did a little research and found out that the original pair designed by Chloe Carlina cost $346 (£262, N121,000) and I couldn’t believe it. I got my version for about 2% the price of the designer pair at £4.73 and guess what? They look just as nice!

I’m telling you – someone somewhere must be really cross with whoever decided to replicate the design. But anyways, I love my dupe sunnies ^_^

They are very sturdy and look like they’ll last for a long time which is good news considering the price! It took 11 days from the day of order to be delivered


Reflective Heart-shaped Sunglasses – H&M

Another favourite pair of mine, although I don’t wear it as much as the rest. I love these sunglass for its quirky shape and the reflective nature. I think there’s something about me and reflective this season and I’m totally loving it.

For £3.99, these sunnies are definitely a bargain buy for a statement making accessory!

Dupe Sunglasses-7 Dupe Sunglasses-8

Reflective Round sunglasses – H&M

Last but not the least, my classic piece round frame reflective sunnies. Off all the 3, they are the most expensive pair at £6.99 (I know ‘expensive’) and possibly my most beloved. The go with any and every outfit and are the perfect finishing touch to any look. They dress up the most basic look in seconds which makes them perfect for lazy style days. Love, love, love them!

Dupe Sunglasses-4Dupe Sunglasses-6 Dupe Sunglasses-3

Sunglass 1 here! (Now £4.82 :p )

Sunglass 2  here!

Sunglass 3 here!

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