If there’s one thing I’m known for amongst my friends and family, it’s being able to get a good bargain on almost anything, finding the best deals on items or finding cheaper but good quality versions of items – a.k.a finding dupes – even between high street brands. So I do feel slightly qualified to share a few tips and tricks I use when shopping and let you in on the juicy details of how to be stylish without breaking the bank!

1 – Fault finding

…. Literally. Not all items are perfect and often times when items are made in bulk, it is very possible for one item to be out-of-place and out of spec! This might be something as simple as a missing button, a missed stitch or sometimes the item will miss more obvious parts, like the belt that comes with a shirt dress or a clutch chain that’s been misplaced or even something as basic as a makeup stain on the collar of a dress. All these issues can be fixed at home by using alternative items or washing the item.

When you find such an item, you’ve found a potential bargain! Even among the big brand stores. Just point it out to the customer assistant at the till and they are very likely to offer you a discount. Why? Because the item isn’t in perfect condition and all they want to do is sell of items, perfect or not! So why not use it to your advantage

2 – Thrift shopping

Some people don’t like the sound of this but what’s wrong with Thrifting? Going to ‘Bend down select’ or a charity shop does not mean you don’t have money to spend. You’re just looking for a good deal. Thrifting is something I recently rediscovered and I was so upset with myself when I finally visited a charity shop and found so many items that I could have gotten at a cheaper price.

One thing Thrifting is really good for is getting good shoes and accessories. A lot of people don’t realise that thrift stores or second-hand stores/stalls don’t always only have ‘second-hand’ items. Some items are still in the same condition as when manufactured but have been donated by their previous owners who never used them – hence the name second-hand.

I myself have donated a lot of the items that I’d never worn to charity before and seen them being sold for less than 25% of the price I actually got them for. So Thrifting is GOOOOD!!!! – You will be surprised at the deals you can get.

3 – Watch out for the big red banners – SALES!!!!

My favourite part of any store. I am very guilty of visiting the sales section at any store first – whether it’s an online store or a physical store – before checking anywhere else. Whenever I go into a store, I look for red banners and check through the rails CAREFULLY. Sale racks are full of surprises and are packed of good deals. So when you know EXACTLY what you want or you’re after a particular item, the sales section is a very good starting point to find good deals.

The reason I say ‘when you know exactly what you want’ is because if you snoop around the sales section without knowing what you’re looking for, you’ll probably end up buying loads of items that you don’t need. So go with a purpose!

Follow these 3 tips and your pocket will be forever grateful to you!

Hope this helps!

Outfit details

Black Top Primark £6 || Floral skirt Boohoo.com £7 here! || Shoe NewLook £12 (similar here!)|| Sunglasses AliExpress £6.94 here!

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6 replies on “Style Tip || Shopping Tips from a Bargain hunter: How to get a good Bargain!

  1. You sure do know how to look good! I remember getting one of my shoes from a thrift store and I don’t regret it beeuase it was a good deal, my friends went back there and the sellers refused to give them at the same price they gave me, but it was still very affordable. These tips were very helpful Demi, thanks for sharing.



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