Style Tip || How to avoid back pain by carrying your bag properly!

I love handbags, even though I don’t mention them a lot on my blog and that’s probably because I usually find one handbag I love and use it till it begs to be used no more – literally! #lol. Anyways, there’s a danger every woman who owns a bag is prone to and you may or may not have experienced it but a painful back can be caused by carrying your handbag the wrong way.

I used to think back pain was only common among the older generation and while this may be true, self-induced pain is definitely not a respecter of person.

Now, the main cause of back pain from carrying a handbag is usually overloading your bag with all those “You never know” and “emergency” items you probably will never use or just carrying it the wrong way.

If you find that you’ve been suffering from an endless back pain, neck ache or shoulder pain without any previous injury to the area in question, then maybe it is time to reevaluate your bag packing habits and how you wear it. A heavy handbag puts a lot of strain on your upper body. So why not lighten up your bag and pack only the items you really need. If you can’t avoid having a heavy bag then try one of these tips to help reduce the chances of getting a back or neck pain.

Wear It On Your Shoulder!

Instead of carrying your hand bag in the crook of your arm carry it on your shoulder. It’s way easier this way and puts less strain on your arms!

Switch It Up

Try carrying your bag on a different shoulder each day. It might take a little getting used to, but the relief you’ll feel by just switching sides will certainly be worth it.

Carry It Diagonally

Bags with long straps don’t always need to be carried on one shoulder all the time. Why not strap it across your body and distribute the weight of your bag across your whole upper body?

So I hope this helps and if it did, don’t forget to share this with all your friends and family! You never know who may need to know this.

Until Next Time!

NOTE : All advice and tips are given from personal experience and should only be taken as such. Consult a your Doctor or physician for medical advice if any such pain exists.

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7 thoughts

  1. I thought I was the only one who uses my handbag until its worn ragged! Everyone I know changes theirs up all the time but for me that’s just too much work! Plus I’ll inevitably leave something important in the one I’m switching from.

    Great tips btw! I totally struggle with neck and shoulder pain from my purse so I’ll have to give some of your ideas a try. 😊


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