It’s no news to any skin care enthusiast that exfoliating and skin cleansing is definitely a good way to achieve smooth and clear skin. The trouble is, finding an exfoliator that’s gentle on your skin but still works very effectively can sometimes be very challenging. Most exfoliators I’ve tried in the past come with gritty bits in them which can sometimes be very abrasive on the skin and hence, cause more damage than good. Cleansers also tend to have a very annoying sting and often times I never really see the benefits of using a cleanser.

Well, I took my chances which SBC Gels – Simply Beautiful Collection – and put two of their products to test! The All Skins 3-in-1 face cleanser and their All Skins Face Polish! I always try to use products for an extended time period before giving a review on them and after 4 weeks of using these two products, I think it’s just about right for a review!

Here are my thoughts!

Simple Beautiful Collection SBC all skins 3-in-1-3Simple Beautiful Collection SBC Face Polish-2

Let’s discuss the PROs šŸ™‚

The Face polish is an exfoliator and the directions on how to use the product State that it should be used daily or 1-2 times weekly. I believe this depends on how sensitive your skin. However, even if you choose to use it daily, it is very gentle on your skin and unlike other exfoliators I’ve used in the past, the bits within the product are not gritty or hard. It is a very gentle exfoliator and not aggressively abrasive and it has definitely yielded some very good results for my skin!

As per normal, I apply this product in a circular motion all over my face and wash it off with warm water. Then I use the next product, also by SBC Gels – The 3-in-1 Cleanser.

Simple Beautiful Collection SBC Face Polish

The 3-in-1 face cleanser is to be used on dry skin on a daily basis, both day and night. So I usually let me skin dry completely when going through my night skin care regime or use it first thing in the morning when I wake up. Again, I apply it in a circular motion all over my face and over my eyes (close off course) as instructed. One thing I noticed is that the product feels a lot like water but with a ting of something alcoholic and then it begins to dry off a little bit. Once I have the products all over my face, I then use a damp warm face cloth to wipe the product off my face and you will not believe the amount of dead skin that comes off from using this!

So far, I absolutely love these products and they have definitely come into my skin care regime to stay! After two weeks of regular use as instructed, my skin was so smooth and clear. Even while I was on holiday, when my skin normally starts to react to a change in environment, these products helped it stay in check and I was very pleased with that!

Simple Beautiful Collection SBC all skins 3-in-1-4

Let’s discuss the CONs šŸ˜¦

For me, there’s no real con to these products as I am very pleased with them. However, I feel the 3-in-1 cleanser would have been an even better product if it came with a Skin Shammy included. The directions on how to use the product state that you should use a Shammy to wipe of the product and unless I had one at home previously, then you’ll have to go out and buy one to use this product as instructed. Nonetheless,Ā I improvised with a face cloth and still got some very good results so I have nothing to complain about really.


Will I purchase this product? I think I already mentioned that it’s come to stay #lol. I was sent this products to review by the brand and I must say they have done a good job in getting me hooked on them. So yes! I will be purchasing this product again andĀ possibly other products by the brand!

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  • All Skins Face Polish Ā£7.50 here!
  • All Skins 3-in-1 Cleanser Ā£7.50 here!

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