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My love for nail polish is no news to you but recently when I discovered nail wraps, my love for nail art as a whole grew even more! I searched online for affordable nail wraps in the UK but as usual with a lot of good things in the beauty world, they all seemed to be in America – and I wasn’t about to spend money on shipping just nail wraps regardless of how much I love them.

So a few weeks back when I found out about Dinki Belle, a nail wrap brand, based in the UK you can only imagine how happy I was! The nail wraps cost only £6.99 for a pack of 20 and they also offer a collection of 3 different nail wraps for £15.99. However, luckily for me, Nadia from Dinki Belle HQ was kind enough to send me a pack of their nail wraps – PASTEL PRINCESS – and I absolute loved the colour and design of the wraps!

As already mentioned, the nail wraps come as a pack of 20 but all in different sizes. The packaging is very vibrant and attractive which for me is a great selling point as I’m a sucker for good packing. It’s a flat cardboard envelope type pack but very sturdy which makes it great for carrying around or transporting in case you want to take them with you on holiday or so.

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Let’s discuss the pros 🙂 :

I got this package delivered almost a month ago but I loved the colour so much, I decided to wait until my holiday to use them and I was really glad I made that decision. In the rush of trying to sort everything else out and working 9-5 the week before my holiday, I hadn’t found anytime to settle down and get my nails done until the night before my flight. Luckily with these wraps, I had my nails done and sorted within about 5 minutes. All I had to do was choose the most appropriate size for each nail, literally stick them on your my nails, file the excess off and voila! – All done!

Once I was done, I actually couldn’t believe it and I was really really happy I had them and I don’t think you can explain just how happy I was. I was literally almost dozing off and if I decided to go for regular nail polish, I would have woken up with smudged nails and a very upset Demi. So I really recommend them to anyone who finds that they are always too busy to go to the nail bar or paint their nails at home but still wants a gorgeous manicure in the shortest times possible.

Another aspect that made me love the wraps even more, were the compliments I got from a lot of people. They look very professionally done and give great results and getting a compliment about them from even a complete stranger, should give you an idea of just how good-looking they really are.

Dinki Belle Pastel Princess Nail Wraps_

Let’s discuss the cons 😦 :

There were a 2 things I was a bit disappointed about with the nail wraps but again, they are situations that you can easily overcome.

  • Most of the wraps aren’t able to provide complete coverage for each nail. So I had to make do with the ones that covered each nail the most instead of covering them completely. This meant the sides of my nails were left bare (in this case left white as I applied them on faux nails) which isn’t really a problem if your nails aren’t so wide. So how covered your nails are will vary from person to person depending on your nail size.

Dinki Belle Pastel Princess Nail Wraps_-2Dinki Belle Pastel Princess Nail Wraps_-3Dinki Belle Pastel Princess Nail Wraps_-4

  • The other aspect was the issue of how long the design/colour actually last. The pack says they can last for up to 14 days but from my experience, this will not happen unless you apply a top coat over the nail wraps after sticking them on. I applied a top coat over the wraps on my left fingers and none over my right fingers and after 2 days the wraps on my right hand started to fade away. So to enjoy these wraps for as long as possible, it is advisable to apply a top coat over them. However, the nails on my left started to chip at the top as well after about a week. So I’ll say if you tend to have a lot of contact with water and don’t wear gloves often, expect the nails to last for about a week. To get them lasting up to 14 days will mean avoiding water as much as possible.


General conclusion:

In terms of durability, these nails lasted for a week before the colours started to fade. However, you need to apply a top coat to make them last that long. The designs are great and they look fab. I give them a 10/10 for convenience as they are very quick and easy to use!

Will I be buying this product again? YES… YES I WILL. The varying nail size is not that big of a deal that it makes the nails look awkward and making them last long is totally up to how busy your hands get. So I will definitely be getting these nails again and trying out other designs, probably on a regular basis or when I feel like having some fancy nails!

Hope this helps!


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4 replies on “Product Review || Dinki Belle Pastel Princess Nail Polish Stickers

  1. I also love having my nails done but I’ve actually never tried nail wraps before but since they’re so easy to use I think I would try them out sometime.

    P.s me I want giveway o🙈🙈


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