Style Tip || 3 Tips on Packing the clothes you need for a Stylish Holiday!

Every time I decide to go on holiday whether it’s for a few days or months, I always find myself asking the same question …

What clothes, shoes and accessories should I take with me?

The annoying thing about it is the fact that I can’t always take every single item I want and so I have to come to some sort of compromise but it’s scary having to decide what to take and what not to take – I’m sure a lot of you can relate to this! I think what ‘scares’ me the most is the possibility of me taking an item, sacrificing another item for it and then realising that I don’t feel like wearing the item I chose once at my destination anymore and by this point, it’s too late!

So how can you avoid packing items that you’ll probably regret taking when packing for a holiday?

Tip #1 – Stick to the Basics!

… they will never fail you! Always aim to take as much basic items as you can to sustain you for at least half the duration of your holiday (for short breaks) and up to a week for holidays over a month! Why? because basics will always be basics. They look great on everyone and so the chances of you not being in the mood to wear a white Tee and a pair of Jeans or a black shirt and shorts is very slim. They also go with a lot of other items and so are always a hood choice.

White shirt and Denim shorts from ‘Styling the Basics’

Tip #2 – Leave all Second guessed items

If you’re already second guessing an item, chances are you will still second guess it when you get to your destination and by then, you would have ‘wasted’ your luggage allowance on an item you don’t need! – It’s also an extra item you have to drag through the airport in your suitcase that you really don’t need.

Tip #3 – Plain colours are a great idea!

Items with busy prints usually tend to require a decent amount of outfit planning, i.e. you need to figure out what shoes and other accessories need to go with it to avoid your outfit looking tacky. So if you’re struggling for luggage allowance or styling prints isn’t your forte, then it is advisable to pack as few print items as possible. Why? Because it might mean planning an outfit for every single item which might require a lot more accessories than you are willing to take with you. Plain colours are much easier to style and a lot more flexible. You can easily create a lot more outfits from plain coloured items, mix and match then up and go against your initial outfit plans and still end up looking fab!

So those are my top 3 tips and trust me, they work. I still panic every now and again but every single time, I revert back to these 3 tips and they’ve never disappointed me!

Hope this helps ^_^

Until Next Time!



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