Lifestyle || My Top 5 Beach essentials!

Beach essentials

It will be so wrong to be on holiday and not publish a post about my Top 5 beach essentials! So without boring you any further with a long synopsis, here are my top essential items for hitting the beach!

Sun Cream

No surprise – but one thing I don’t understand is a lot of people only think they need sunscreen when on holiday. If your skin is going to be exposed to direct sunlight even in your home country, it is essential to put on some sunscreen – NOTE Essential but yes. I always take some sunscreen with me every time I go to the beach to top up on previous application and also incase I decide to take a swim in the ocean – I’ll need to re-apply

Aftersun Cream

I only discovered this product just before my holiday but apparently it’s meant to help soothe any sunburn you get just incase you do forget to apply some sunscreen or from over exposure to the sun. So I also take this with me just incase I start to feel my skin ‘burn’

Beach essentials

Beach towel

Ermm… because it has beach as it’s prefix – lol. I always take a beach towel with me to lay on the sun beds ‘cos it’s public property so anyone might have used it before me and also to dry my skin once I come out of the ocean


This is an item I take generally take with me everywhere I go for reasons we can all relate to – protecting one’s eyes from sunlight

Some form of entertainment

For me this is my phone and my camera. I keep myself busy by taking some pictures of my surroundings or playing a game on my phone, chatting to friends and the likes!

So those are my beach essentials – what are yours? Or what am I forgetting?


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