Product Review || The Breakfast Face Mask!…

The Body Shop Honey and Oat Face Mask

… a.k.a The Body Shop Honey and Oat 3-in-1 face mask. It’s actually not called the breakfast mask by the brand but when I first set eyes on this product, that was the first thing that came to mind – Breakfast!

I’ve always known honey to be good for the skin as it’s very good for clearing blemishes, brightening up your skin and getting rid of pimples because I use Honey most of the time in my DIY Face mask recipes! So when I saw this product on the shelf at my local Body Shop store I knew I just had to try it out! However, I wasn’t too sure about the Oat part so I did a little search on google and it appears that Oat is just as good as Honey at moisturizing your skin, clearing pimples, brightening up dull skin and are also good at healing skin aliments. Apparently, they were used as an ancient Egyptian treatment for treating skin conditions. So put these two ingredients together and you’d expect a super moisturizing – pimple fighting – skin healing – blemish clearing face mask right?

There’s only one way to find out – Try it out!… and that’s exactly what I did

The Body Shop Honey and Oat Face Mask-2The Body Shop Honey and Oat Face Mask-3 The Body Shop Honey and Oat Face Mask-4The Body Shop Honey and Oat Face Mask-6

The ‘how to use‘ instructions on the container recommended using this mask once or twice a week for best results. On application, you will notice a few bits in the mask which are probably the oat grains but the rest of it is very creamy. After leaving it on for 5-10 mins as advised, I massage the product into my skin in a circular motion. Then I wash it off with some warm water and my skin feels refreshed and very soft.

I’ve done so for the last few weeks and so far it’s been okay. I’ve noticed a new glow in my skin and lately I’ve been feeling really great in my own skin but I can’t say for sure that this mask has been the reason for the change as I started using a new face wash and day cream as well. However…. I’m not about to take this out of my skin care regime just incase it’s the reason behind my new glow.

So to the ultimate question I ask myself at the end of most reviews is

‘Will I be buying this product again?’

Most likely yes – not necessarily because I’ve been able to see clearly or define the exact benefit of using this product but because I like the way it feels and it’s part of my new skin care regime which has left me with more beautiful skin!

Hope this helps!


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