How to stop feet blisters

When you find blisters on your feet or see the first signs of blisters, it only means one thing – You’ve been sweating!

Blistering on your feet is a result of sweaty feet rubbing against the inside of your shoe – no matter how little the sweat may be. As you walk, your feet constantly rubs against the inside of your shoes and this constant friction combined with the presence of moisture from sweat results in inflammation of the area in question. Hence, as a defence mechanism, your body sends fluids to the affected spot and voila! Blisters.

So, how do you stop your feet from blistering? because you have to move around by walking and you can’t stop your feet from rubbing against your shoe. The only other way would be to try and find a way to get that moisture (sweat) under control right?

Well, surprisingly, the answer has always been under your nose and you probably didn’t realize it. Commonly used to keep your pits from sweating, antiperspirants are the ‘secret antidote’ to stopping those painful blisters you get on your feet and you might think it’s a bit strange but are there really any limits to how you can use your antiperspirants?

How to stop feet blisters-3

They are ‘Antiperspirants’ and so they can be used wherever sweating is a problem as there is no law enforcement agency that’ll hold you guilty if you use them as you please. Just spray them on your toes and around the bottom of your feet and you’ll be all set to go!

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There’s also an added advantage to using antiperspirants on your feet – they can help a great deal with any unpleasant smell you might perceive whenever you take of your shoes and if that’s not reason enough to use them then I don’t know what else can be!

Now I’m not saying buy the most exotic brand of bodyspray just for your feet but of course you can do so if you please. There are actually specially made antiperspirants for feet. However, even the cheapest brands work just fine. So give it a try and stop your feet from blistering because the less blisters you have and the less painful your feet feel means longer heel wear time! ^_^

Hope this helps!

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7 replies on “Style Hack || How to avoid blisters on your Feet! – Wear your heels comfortably!

  1. Wow! You won’t believe how eye opening this is😮 I looovee heels but you see those blisters sometimes just puts me off.
    Thanks Demi *runs off to spray*


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