So a few weeks back I reviewed a product by Timeless Truth – the Green Tea Fabric Face Mask (which I loved) – and today I’ll be sharing a review on the Hydrating Cellulose Eye Mask! I got this product the same time as the fabric face mask but I was waiting for the perfect time to try it out a.k.a when I actually needed my eyes to be revitalized.

So after a long week of working 12 hour NIGHT shifts at work and a relatively stressful weekend I decided it was time to put this product to the test. So here’s the result and also a general overview of what I think about this mask!


Like the fabric face mask from Timeless Truth, the eye mask also comes in a sachet which contains the cellulose mask and some serum. However, this mask comes with two fabric like protective layers for each eye mask. When you take off the layers, the eye mask is revealed and has a very interesting but nice and fun texture. It feels very soft and rubbery that I was actually tempted to just play around with it because of how nice it felt.

Anyways, I stuck to the way it’s meant to be used and placed the patches under my eyes like shown below and waited for about 10 mins before proceeding to take it off. It doesn’t require any washing off of anything. All you have to do is peel it off.

In all honesty, I can’t recall how tired my eyes looked before applying the mask but one thing  I do remember is that after application, my eyes felt more relaxed and all I wanted to do was sleep because of how soothing it was. As for reducing fine lines and wrinkles – which the masks promises to do – I can’t comment on that because I don’t have any on the area of application but to summarize, what do I think of the eye mask?

This one’s a tricky one because it’s not a ‘Yay!!! I love it product‘ or a ‘Nahh, I’ll never be buying this again because it’s no good‘. I’ll say for me, it will be one of those products I know exist and if I ever feel like my eyes are looking quite dull or need some hydrating, I’ll probably get it to help sort out whatever issue I’m having at the time!

So I hope this was helpful!

Until next time!


If you’ll like to try this product as well just click here!PS: The packaging has changed and looks even prettier!

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