DIY || Rhinestone Phone case in less than 5minutes!

Hi everyone!

So I may not have mentioned it before but I am totally in love with phone cases! I’m always searching for new ones to get or making my own phone cases and I’ve done so for years. At one point it was such a big deal, I started crocheting phone pouches for everyone in my family and we’re talking 8-10 years ago! So the obsession is real!

Anyways, I decided I’ll make a couple of quick tutorials on how to make your own phone cases and today’s tutorial will be the first one I’ll be sharing. This phone case cost me only £2 in materials to make!

The things I used were a plain transparent phone case and some self adhesive gem stones which I got from the pound store but they can also be gotten from ebay!

P.S. – you can also use iron on rhinestone but it might just take you a bit longer

Step 1

Put your phone case on your phone to help you decide how you want it to look. Alternatively you can just  lay it down on a flat surface.

Step 2

Get creative and decide the pattern you want to lay your gem stones.

See the two ways I tried!

Half covered diagonal –

Fully covered –

Once your done placing all your gem stones on your phone case you’re done! Easy peasy ^_^

I decided to stick to the fully covered pattern as I preferred it.

So here’s my final result. What do you think?



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