What's in my Bag? Demi Akin1

Every style blogger – well almost every style blogger – has a what’s in my bag? post. So I decided it was about time I published one as well!

In all honesty, I’ve actually been wanting to create this post FOREVER  but I never found the perfect day to take pictures of the contents of my bag. This is probably because I’m ALWAYS in a rush when heading out and I didn’t want to ‘stage’ a post but wanted to show you the real contents of my bag when I was actually going out!

So on this faithful day, when I had just cleaned out all the snacking crumbs from my bag, gotten rid of all the small bits of paper and receipts I keep collecting for no reason and I was on my way to meet up with a friend for dinner, I decided it was time to finally take some pictures for this post! So here it goes –

What’s in my bag?…

… and why do I have it in there?

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What's in my Bag? Demi Akin3What's in my Bag? Demi Akin6

My House Keys

… because I sorta need to get back into my house when I get back – I think #lol

A Purse

I keep all my cards in there, my money and sometimes my phone and keys as well.

Some Lip Gloss and Lipstick

I always take the lip colour I have on with me for re-application especially when I’m going for a meal. However, on this particular day I took two different colours with me – the one I had on and a ‘back up colour’ because I wasn’t so sure about the one I had on.

A Nail file

I also tend to carry a nail file around with me because it bugs me a lot when my nail breaks and I don’t have a nail file nearby to sort it out.

What's in my Bag? Demi Akin5

A pack of Pocket Tissue

I always make sure I have some tissue with me especially when I’m going to a restaurant because I sometimes can’t be bothered to ask the waiter for more napkins because…. I feel like I’m bugging them covers face (I know, it makes no sense… It’s kinda part of their job no?)

A Pocket Mirror

I always try to have a mirror on me because it’s very handy when I need to reapply my lipstick, or check if my hair is still in place and all that kinda stuff that you do with a mirror… Yes, I like taking a mirror round with me.

What's in my Bag? Demi Akin4

Some Hand Lotion

… because I can’t stand dry skin

Body Spray/Fragrance

… just because. No reason really. I just always have one with me ^_^

You might be wondering why my phone’s not on the list but duh!!! Who doesn’t take their phone with them everywhere! For me it’s a given because I use my phone for everything.

So there they are, the contents of my bag! Interesting enough or just what you expected?

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25 replies on “Lifestyle || What’s in my Bag?

  1. I love this post, you really have a lot in your bag. As for me, once my phone earpiece, a book and biro to jot my ideas, handkerchief, mirror and purse is in my bag, I’m ready to go.. Lol

  2. I love the ‘realness’ of this postπŸ‘Œand Demi that bag😍😍😍😍
    I can also relate with the papers and receiptsπŸ˜† I don’t know how those things get so much in my bag.

  3. I love this post! I like being nosey and seeing what other people carry around with them haha!! I carry around all of the above too – little mirror, lip gloss and tissues are definitely necessities! Love the bag too πŸ™‚ xx


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