How to wash human hair weave is a question that my friends and family always ask me. So I decided it was about time I created a post about how I wash my weave so that the next time someone asks me how I do so, I’ll just say “Search on HSM ” #lol ^_^ – but of course, I also thought it’ll be nice to show you all how I wash my weave!

The process I use is quite simple and very straight forward because human hair weave is well… human hair. So you can wash it the same way you wash your hair but the only note of caution is to remember the hair is attached to weft and so needs to be treated with a little extra care.

So here’s a quick tutorial on how to wash your weave but first! here’s a list of the main things you’ll need

A hair brush

Some elastic bands

Hair wash products : I use different types of conditioners and treatments mainly

How to wash weave

Step 1

Take each weft and roll it into a bundle. Secure your bundle using a hair scrunchy or elastic band and then comb through the hair properly. Be sure there are no tangles and knots in the hair as this is the only time you’ll be combing it until it’s completely dry, i.e. after the wash process

Step 2

Once you’re done combing through, place your bundles in a bowl or a sink (like I did) and run warm water over it until it’s completely submerged under water.

How to wash weave 2

Step 3

Take some of your hair conditioner (or shampoo) and run it through your bundle from the top to bottom as though you were using your fingers to comb through. While doing so, ensure you massage the product into the hair and then rinse off with warm water.

Do this twice for each bundle.

How to wash weave 1

Step 4 (optional)

Once step three is complete, drain the water from your bowl or wash basin and apply some deep conditioning treatments. Leave on for about 10-15 minutes (or as instructed by the manufacturer) and rinse of with warm water.

Interesting to note : At this point you might start to notice your weave return back to its original curl pattern! ^_^

How to wash weave 3

how to wash weave-18

Step 5

Towel dry your bundles until they are no longer dripping with water. Then open up each bundle and leave to air dry. You can place it overnight on a towel like I did or hang on a drying rack or wash line.

You may also choose to use some perm rods or bendy rollers to curl the hair at this point before leaving it to dry.

how to wash weave

Once dry you can proceed to using your weave as normal!

So you see – It’s easy peasy and very straight forward!

Hope this helped!

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2 replies on “Beauty Tutorial || Simple simple steps on how To Wash your Weave!

  1. You’re a life saver Demi! I recently had to drop my weave at the salon for washing because I couldnt do it myself and of course I paid them😑. I would definitely try washing it myself next time. Thanks for sharing.


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