Style || How to wear a Playsuit 3 ways and never repeat an outfit!

So I was writing a new styling tip post and I remembered the pictures I took for my “How to wear a playsuit in different ways”. I did a blog search and I couldn’t find it! 😱. So here it is (again if you’ve seen it before) and if you haven’t then you’ll love it!

I always advocate for everyone to be a bit creative with their items as the key to NOT REPEATING outfits without having to keep buying new items is to learn how to style what you’ve got in different ways! So here are 3 ways you can wear your playsuit without being obvious that the item is not actually as it seems!

As it comes!

An obvious one right? So I’m just going to skip to the next and more creative way of wearing a playsuit



As shorts!

You can do this with a jumpsuit as well and it works perfectly if your playsuit (or jumpsuit) has a simple top section like a cami top or the fabric of your item is one that doesn’t particularly hold a certain shape. For my playsuit, I wore a jumper over it to keep the layered top in place as it is heavier than the fabric of my playsuit!


As a Top!

This way is very simple and easy to achieve. All you have to do is wear an item over the bottom part of your playsuit and no one will ever know! How great is that?


So you can see that from just one item and by wearing it in 3 different ways you can get more wear from your item, save money, get more value for the little you’ve spent and slay at the same time!

Which way’s your favourite?3 ways to wear a playsuit


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