Earlier this year I wrote about a few of my face cleaning gadgets and one of the items I mentioned was a cheap version of a mechanical face scrub I was trying out. It worked quite well for the price and I saw the benefits of using a facial scrub. Now that I’m convinced that they actually work, I decided it was time for an upgrade! So when the opportunity came to get this awesome kit at a discount of 70% off full price ($37 instead of $125) I decided why not!

When my parcel arrived I was super excited to try it out. I’ve used it for quite sometime now and I must confess, it’s definitely worth it!

The kit comes with 3 brushes that all have different functions. A brush for Daily use – brush with grey circle; an Exfoliating brush – brush with black circle; and a Deep cleansing brush which is the silicon brush.

At first sight, the daily brush and exfoliating brush look the same but on the skin, they both feel different. When you use them you’ll be able to tell the difference CLEARLY! That said, both brushes are very soft and gentle on the skin. In fact, the daily brush is especially gentle and soft, you’ll almost feel like it’s not doing its ‘job’ properly but trust me it is!

The exfoliating brush is a bit more abrasive but again you’d expect that since it’s meant to exfoliate. However, it is still gentle on your skin and doesn’t leave you feeling sore and red after use.

The Silicon brush is the only brush I’m still yet to be totally clear about its benefits and I’m not entirely sure how it deep cleanses. I’m still trying to figure out what difference it makes.  One thing I noticed though is that when I use this brush, it feels as if I’m massaging my skin so maybe that’s part of the deep cleansing process – but don’t quote me on that ^_^.

Overall, what do I think? Yasss!!!! It’s definitely worth it and I’m glad I got it. You should definitely try it out!

What other mechanical face scrubs have you heard of?


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