Beauty Tutorial || Summer Nails – Bold Stripes #70sVibe

If you’re not already aware then let me tell you about one of this season’s hottest trends – The 70’s vibe – and this year it’s back with bell sleeves, bold stripes and many more.

So today, I’ll be sharing a super easy nail tutorial on how to embrace the 70’s vibe through nail art!

But first, a list of things you’ll need

Some contrasting nail polish colours

Nail tape

A pair of scissors 

Nail arr brush

Top and base coat nail polish

Cotton bud and nail polish remover to clean up  just in case

Step 1

Starting with a base colour, paint your nail completely and let it dry. I used yellow!

Step 2

Cut and place some nail tape in the middle of your nail to divide it into two equal halves

Step 3

Paint one half of your nail with one of your other nail colours and leave it to dry completely

Tip : It is advisable to use more pigmented or darker colours over light ones as they will conceal the bottom colour completely 

Step 4

Gently peel off your nail sticker. Your nail should look like mine below if left to dry and peeled off gently ^_^

Step 5

Using your nail art brush, carefully paint a line along the middle of your nail with your 3rd colour. You can make it as thick as you want but I prefer mind thin.

Leave your nail to dry for a few seconds then go over it with a top coat and leave to dry completely!

Here’s my final result! What do you think? Talk about 70’s Vibe!

Thanks for stopping by!



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