Silk scarfs are not new to the style scene but most people don’t realize how diverse this piece actually is. Most people use a silk scarf or think of it only when they need something to keep their hair in check – or hide it –  but today I’m going to tell you how diverse this item really is!

Of course, they are probably mainly used and designed for hair use but they can also be used as a bag accessory, neck accessory, a belt and also to give your other accessories a quick face lift to create an awesome style piece – here’s how!

Bag Handle

Bags with silk scarfs adorning their handles or being used as a bag charm are becoming increasingly common and even some of the biggest designers add this extra touch to their bags. So why no give your everyday handbag a new look by wrapping a scarf round it’s handle?!

It’s great for accentuating colours in a unique way and can give your outfit a whole new feel. Use a bright coloured silk scarf – Red, Blue or a mixture of vibrant colours – Pair it up with a basic T-shirt, Jeans and your favourite pair of shoes and you’ll be all set to go!

Neck Tie or Choker

Scarfs have been used for many years as an accessory for formal attires by the rich and influential – but you too can embrace this trend and use it as an accessory with a shirt or a regular Tee or maybe even try wrapping it round an old choker to adorn your neck.

how to style a silk scarf 1


It’s pretty straight forward – Tie your scarf round your waist when wearing an over-sized shirt dress or pass it through your trouser/skirt belt holes with a tucked in  shirt tucked in and you will be making a massive style statement!

Hair accessory

No… I’m not talking about using it as a regular head tie but also as a bandanna or tided into a bow. A silk scarf adds the right amount of edge to any look while still giving you a very feminine feel to your look.

So those are 4 ways you can style your silk scarf! Which one was your fave and how would you or do you rock your silk scarf?


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