The other day while I was chatting to Theresa Olloh of The Testimonial, we got into a conversation about Natural hair products and other things to do with Natural hair care. One of the things she mentioned was whipped Shea butter and prior to our conversation, I had actually heard about it but never gave it a proper thought.

To the best of my understanding (but don’t quote me on this), whipped Shea butter is literally whipped Shea butter!, i.e. No special formula added, nothing extra, just whipped  just the same way you whip cream or butter when making cake batter. Like butter and sugar during baking, whipped Shea butter adds air to it just to make it softer, fluffier and in turn, easier to use!

I’ve used Shea butter as my body butter and for my hair as well for about two years now and I am so hooked on it. However, it does get a bit annoying when the butter is really hard and it takes so long to melt it in your hands (by rubbing) and this can be very frustrating. I also know a few people, who for this same reason do not use Shea butter. So, after speaking to Theresa, I decided I’d try to make my own whipped Shea butter to try to solve this problem and it worked!

So today I’ll be sharing with you just how I made it with a quick 3 step tutorial!

P.S. I also made a video version just in case you prefer a video and it can be found here! – but if you prefer a written tutorial then read on! ^_^

Items needed

Shea Butter, Coconut Oil (or any oil of your choice – Optional), Mixing Bowl, Electric mixer, Storage Container and some utensils to aid you with the whole process.

DSC_0023 (1)

Step 1

Place all your ingredients – Shea butter and  all other oils – into your mixing bowl

Step 2

Whip your Shea butter using your electric mixer until it’s soft and fluffy.

Tip: Start on a low-speed to avoid your ingredients jumping out of the bowl but once it’s broken down to smaller pieces, increase the speed of your electric mixer. The whole whipping process should take 5-10 mins or whip till you’re happy with the consistency. 

Step 3

Once you’re happy with the consistency of your butter, scoop it into your storage container and enjoy!

See my finished product below!

I couldn’t believe how easy it was to make this and I definitely will be doing this again whenever I need to top up!

Hope this helped!

Until Next Time…



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9 replies on “Beauty Tutorial || DIY Whipped Shea Butter – It’s super Easy!

  1. This looks like it’d feel delicious on my hair, wonder if it works for wavy hair


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