Life Update || The Blogger Point Nigeria – Insider!

About a month or two ago, I found out about a platform created for UK Bloggers to meet up, work with other bloggers and UK brands as well. I explored it a bit more and even signed up to it and from that platform I’ve been able to work with 3 awesome brands so far! Then I thought to myself…

“Having a platform similar to this but for Nigerian bloggers and brands would be a great idea!”

Fast forward to a few weeks back – #Oxymoron – I found out that a platform called The Blogger Point (TBP) was being set up in Nigeria with their site launch being very soon! The joy and excitement I felt was UNBELIEVABLE! I immediately followed the platform’s handle on Instagram – @thebloggerpoint –  Tagged all the Nigerian bloggers I could think of, told anyone who cared to hear about them and I followed up on their progress, eagerly awaiting the site’s launch!

Then an opportunity came up to work with the team as an Insider and I sent in my application immediately!!! As God will have it I am proud to announce to you all that I am now 1 of the 3 fabulous bloggers that work with the team as Insiders and I can’t wait to share with you all the great stuff the team’s got planned! ^_^

Other Insiders!!!

ELO ALOTA  – blog here! 


Jennifer Okafor – blog here!

The Blogger Point Nigeria is set up to create a networking platform that connects Nigerian brands and reputable Bloggers, YouTubers and Social Media Influencers within the country. The platform also provides the opportunity for bloggers grow as individual bloggers, to meet other bloggers around them, attend exclusive events and generally a platform where people with the same passion and interest, i.e. Blogging or all forms, can come together and do what they know how to do best!

The site is now launched and fully functioning and the best part is registration is completely FREE and open to all bloggers within the country! It doesn’t matter if your blog is a day or 10 years old. If you’re looking for a platform to help you grow as a blogger you then become a member today by signing up here!

In my personal experience, working with brands is a good way to gain confidence in yourself as a blogger, gain more exposure and build relationships with brands that could lead to bigger opportunities in the future. Working with other bloggers is also a great way to make friends who share the same interest with you and trust me, having a blogger as a friend definitely helps

So sign up to The Blogger Point Nigeria and begin a whole new and exciting blogger journey

For more information about TBP visit the website at

Connect with the team on :

Instagram: @thebloggerpointng

Twitter: bloggerpointng

Facebook page: The blogger point


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