Recently, I noticed that quite a number of people have been wanting more DIY projects that have to do with Ankara Fabric.

So I decided that over the next few weeks I’ll try to incorporate Ankara into my DIY Projects as much as I can and to kick off the series of Ankara DIYs I thought it would be nice to compile a few easy accessory DIYs into one post and share them with you – and here they are!

P.S. – I have included a DIY request form at the bottom of this post just incase there are any DIY projects or items you’d like me to create a tutorial for… Just let me know your request using the form below and I will try my best to fulfil them!

Back to today’s post…


Ankara Choker

Items needed : Some glue, a Choker necklace and some fabric

Procedure Overview : Cut a thin strip of your fabric – Secure it on one end of the choker with some glue – Then wrap it round your choker until it’s completely covered – Once at the end of your choker secure your fabric in place with some glue and C’est Fini

Ankara DIY Choker

Ankara Knuckle Ring

Items needed : Some glue, a plain band knuckle ring, a thin strip of fabric and a lighter* (optional)

Procedure Overview : Secure your fabric to the ring using some glue – Wrap it round your ring until it’s completely covered – Then secure your fabric in place with some more glue and cut off the excess – As an optional step (and to be done under supervision for children), lightly bun off the fray ends of the fabric all around the ring!

Ankara DIY Ring

Ankara Bangle

Items needed : Some glue, an old Bangle and a long strip of fabric 


Procedure Overview : The procedure is the same as the knuckle ring project but just with the exception of the lighter step!


You would have noticed that the one thing that’s common with all 3 DIYs is that they all involve wrapping which is pretty straight forward! This method can also be used for a lot of other items such as hoop earrings and belts and what’s even great is that you can easily take the fabric off and replace it with a different one whenever you want!

So I hope you liked them and If you did then don’t forget to share with your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc! ^_^




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