There are a few things that Spring and Summer remind us of. Apart from reassuring us that the sun still exists – although there’s hardly been any sun in the UK recently 😦 – Spring and Summer also remind us of flowers, their wonderful colours, the sweet fragrance that accompanies them and generally that life does have a greener side! So while on the hunt for a new fragrance to celebrate the season, I knew I wanted something that embodied all these into one scent – floral and fruity yet elegant.

Contrary to the norm and probably a very risky decision, I started my search for my dream fragrance online. What a weird way to search for a fragrance as you can’t tell what it smells like before you make your choice; but when I read the description of the So… ? Exclusive fragrance I had a feeling that it’ll be perfect!

.. a luxuriously distinctive scent, enriched with luxe top notes …“ of Orange “… Once settled, the heart note of Jasmine and Rose blend beautifully into a sweet and creamy base of Toffee and Vanilla, completing this sumptuous scent.

This was the description that accompanied it and as fate would have it, Kandice from So…? was kind enough to send me this exact fragrance – the  So… ? Exclusive EDT perfume as well as the body spray!

… and there was also a surprise guest in the package. Another fragrance from the So… ? RangeSo… Rio! (Did someone say Olympics?)


So... Exclusive Perfume

When I opened the box in which the perfume came my first thoughts were on how cute, delicate, simple yet stylish the bottle looked. The fragrance comes in a luxurious yet simple bottle which is so convenient for carrying around with you in your handbag and this is one of the reasons why this is now officially my everyday fragrance! Of course the next thing I did  after admiring this cutie was to spritz it on my skin and it was love at first whiff!

The scent was a surprisingly delightful  with a strong note of orange – as promised – which in all honesty did seem quite overpowering at first but as it began to sink into my skin, I started to perceive some less intense sweet-smelling scents that reminded me slightly of pancake syrup! ^_^ – which I absolutely adore. (it’s probably the toffee and vanilla notes) . I’m not so familiar with what Roses or Jasmines smell like so I can’t say I perceived these scents or not but one thing is for sure – I am really pleased with this fragrance.

So... Exclusive PerfumeSo... Exclusive Body Spray

As expected of an EDT fragrance, it doesn’t last forever (Which is the same with most if not all EDT perfumes) but for this particular scent and at a bargain price of £5.99 ONLY there is absolutely nothing to complain about! The body spray comes in the usual body spray container and you already know how handy that is. Similar to the EDT, the Body spray smells just as divine and summery as well. It cost £1.99 for a 100 ml canister which is really tempting as I feel like buying the whole range and exploring all the wonderful fragrances produced by So… ? (What do you think? Maybe a giveaway? ^_^)

In a nutshell, I totally don’t mind buying this product over as my everyday perfume as it’s is not extremely over powering for an everyday scent yet it’s strong enough to give a prominent scent to leave you feeling summery!

So... Exclusive Perfume

Before I forget! I recently had a shoot inspired by this fragrance with Chris Edfi . Here’s a sneak peek of the pictures from the shoot, but you’ll just have to be a lil patient to see a few more in an upcoming post!

Until Next Time!


Picture by Chris Edfi

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