Again with the glass bottle recycle DIY! – Today’s DIY is very simple and straight forward but before I get into it, let me give you a little background story. Earlier this year I spotted this bath gel by Royal Jelly and when I saw it I thought to myself…

“This would make a fine flower vase once empty!”

I felt the bottle was just too fancy to be a bath gel container so I saved it from the shame of being just a bath gel bottle and brought it home!(lol). It took me 4 months to run out of this bath gel and each time I used it, I said to myself…

“I’m one step closer to using my flower vase”

… Longest 4 months of my life as I’ve been itching to do this project FOREVER! Oh wells. Once it was finally, empty I got straight to work and transformed the once bath gel bottle into a sand flower vase!

I got the idea  of making it a sand vase and not just a flower vase with water – when I spotted a mini sand bottle that my aunt got for my cousin when they visited Dubai and although not as fancy as the one from Dubai – I mean whoever made it somehow managed to draw a camel within – I was able to create a hilly Landscape design within my bottle – I think! ^_^

Enough rambling – Let’s get straight to it and let me show you just how I made it. But first! here are some of the things you’ll need

An empty transparent glass bottle/ or a normal vase

Some craft sand – I got mine on ebay (link here!)

Faux flowers – Again from ebay (link here!)

Some Super Glue

Some paper

A pair of scissors

DIY Sand Flower Vase

Step 1

Roll your paper into a cone to create a funnel. Insert it into your glass bottle and cut it short to make it easier to pour the sand in.

DIY Sand Flower Vase

Step 2

Pour your sand into your bottle in alternating colours. You can follow a set pattern or just go with the flow – BUT! for a more dynamic and interesting design, do not shake your bottle while filling it up.

Tip : You can place your paper funnel at an angle to fill certain corners and avoid others. See bottom pictures for the angle at which I was filling!

DIY Sand Flower Vase

Step 3

When your bottle is full to the bottle neck, gently move it up and down to get the sand to compact. Keep filling and tapping until you notice the sand level isn’t decreasing anymore. Then pour some super glue into your bottle to bind the sand at the bottle neck and allow to dry completely! – about 10-20ml should be enough. This will ensure that the sand does not leak out of your bottle when knocked over*

Note : The area filled with super glue might feel warm/hot.

*This depends on how much glue you put in and may vary from project to project ^_^ 

DIY Sand Flower Vase

Step 4

Arrange your faux-flowers around the top of your new sand vase as your please! and once you’re done you’ll have a new flower vase to add to your home decor!

See my finished result below. What do you think?

DIY Sand Flower VaseDIY Sand Flower VaseDIY Sand Flower Vase


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