You’ll agree with me that everyone loves to unwind, relax or just chill out and if you’ve ever been to a spa , then I’m sure you’ll give anything to be at the spa right now! Luckily, relaxing and chilling out can be done at home and you can always bring the spa to you! I’ve personally dedicated my Friday nights as my personal home spa time by indulging in a a hot bath, fancy facials, manicure, etcetera, etcetera.

(Pamper night details here!).


The only real challenge to having a spa night at home is finding spa quality products that can be used that home, are affordable and off course products that make a real difference and also have that “Just been to the spa” feel. Hence, it’s only normal that I am constantly looking for new products to that fit this spec!

So few weeks ago, I stumbled upon the Timeless Truth’s Face masks on the bloggers hangout and after having a look around the brand’s website, I knew I just had to try out their mask. Luckily, Angela Barbagelata from Timeless Truth , was kind enough to send me two of their products – The Green Tea Soothing Face Mask and the Hydra Intense Bio Cellulose Eye Mask.

So for my spa pamper night last week, I put the Green Tea mask to test and here’s a quick review of what it’s like and my thoughts on this product!


Although I was quite excited about this mask and I’d read a few other reviews about them, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. The mask I got is from the brand’s fusion range which is a fabric mask with “… beneficial extracts in freeze-dried powder form … embedded in the cloth as well as being soaked in serum… “. So the mask comes in a white packet which contains some of the serum and the mask soaked in it. Reading the instructions on the back of the packet, I also realised that this is not the kind of mask that you wash off after application – duh! It’s a fabric mask Demi. So it seems to me that the whole purpose of this mask being a fabric mask is to help the serum and the extracts embedded in the cloth, in this case Green Tea, absorb into your skin more effectively! So I decided to carry on with my normal night skin care routine but skip the final step which is using my usual face serum and replace it with my Timeless Truth Green Tea Face mask!


The instructions on the back of the packet state that the mask can be used as it comes, cold or warm. For cold application, you simply place the packet in the fridge before use and for warm application, you place it in some warm water for a few minutes, prior to opening up the packet. As I generally enjoy heated mask I decided to go for the warm application option. So as instructed, I placed it in some warm water for a little while and continued with the application process.


I opened the pack to reveal the mask literally soaked in the serum which is great because it also states that you can store the leftover serum and apply it to your face on another day or on other parts of your body. Simply store it in the fridge but ensure you use it within a few days. So I scrapped off some of the excess serum from the mask, unfolded it, peeled off the plastic film and placed the fabric mask on my face – tapping it in place to fit perfectly in all corners of my face. Once that was done, the next thing to do was find a way to spend the next 15-20 minutes as this is the recommended application time. So I sipped on some green tea, checked a few Instagram notifications, checked some of the pictures I was taking for this post (lol) and waited for 20 minutes to go by. While the mask was on my face, it didn’t feel uncomfortable at all and although it doesn’t restrict your facial muscle movement, I felt the need to keep my face still while it was on.


Taking it off was extremely easy and satisfying but once it was off I won’t say my face felt extremely soft or anything special in particular; but of course this is usually the case with most face serums. I find that serums usually need multiple applications before  a real difference to be seen. So I just rubbed the serum in a bit more into those areas that I felt it hadn’t gotten to, stored the serum left in the packet and over the next few days and used what was left both day and night

My face right after application


After 2 days of consistent use, I did notice a difference in my skin! It felt much smoother and clearer, had a slight glow to it and it just felt… really smooth (lol) especially considering the fact that I was at the end of my ‘monthly cycle’ which is usually accompanied by a really bad breakout!

So for stopping this breakout and giving my skin a wonderful glow – I give this product a massive thumbs up and can’t wait to try out the eye masks.

Check out the full range of the Timeless Truth Masks here!

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