Style || Styling the basics : Is a white shirt really that versatile?

Everyone knows that a white shirt is a must have wardrobe staple! However, as absurd as this might sound, I only started investing in wardrobe staples about a month ago. Recently, I purchased a new white shirt to add to my ‘Basics’ Collection and it feels like a eureka moment with this new piece. Stylist and Fashion enthusiast have always spoken about how versatile a white shirt is and personally, I’ve always known how this as well – but knowing and experiencing are two completely different things.

So I played dress up with my white shirt, played around with it, tied it up here and rolled it here and there and the number of outfit possibilities I came up with, makes it feel like all my life I’ve been missing out on something major! Most people tend to stick with the conventional method of wearing items but I always say

“Style is about how you wear it…”

… and not what entirely about what the item is! I’ve worn dresses as tops (see here!) dresses as skirts and so on. So today, although what I’m about to show you is not as radical as what I previously mentioned about, I’ll be sharing with you 3 ways to style the basic white shirt!

Biker Chic

A front knot white shirt, styled with some leather panel leggings, barely there heels and a fur clutch equals to the perfect outfit for any casual outing – date night, brunch, informal meeting, out with the girls you name it!

White Shirt and Biker Leggings

Adding a front knot to your shirt makes it extra edgy and takes off the formal feel of a shirt. This particular white shirt didn’t actually come knotted in the front and this trick is a quick-fix anyone can try on any shirt to give your look that extra edge when needed.

Knot tying picture tutorial below!

How to tie a front knot on a shirt
How I tie my front Knot 

Formal Chic

Tucked into a midi skirt, paired with court shoes, a box clutch and a neck tie… this outfit is perfect for more formal outings. Whether your going to church, a business meeting, wearing it to work and the likes, this classy ensemble will definitely make heads turn. I kinda feel like Janelle Monae with this neck tie though… hmmm

White Shirt and Midi Skirt

Casual Chic

Wearing your white shirt out and thrown over some ripped boyfriend shorts, paired with some slip ons and a fedora hat – This look is perfect for chilled out days or those days when you don’t feel like putting together a major outfit.

White Shirt and Boyfriend Shorts

Actually, this is the perfect picnic or barbecue look – Just in time for summer! Casual enough to not look over done yet classy enough to make a statement. However, it is important to note that the key defining elements to any toned down look are the accessories! Pair your outfit with the right shoes, wear a hat or some colourful jewellery and you’re all set to go!


So those are some of my fave ways to style this classic item but of course there are so many other fabulous ways to style a white shirt – How do you style yours?


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