Spring is Famous for one thing – The springing up of flowers (obviously Demi! lol) and with flowers comes bees! Although I am so scared of these little creatures (I got stung by a bee once) I still appreciate their existence. I mean, how else would I get the honey I need to make my face masks? So in honour of these wonderful creatures, I created a nail art inspired by them. So simple yet so classy and of course, springy! ^_^. 

Nothing screams SPRING more than yellow nails with a Bee accent nail – Don’t you think so?

Picture tutorial below!

Step 1 : Paint your nails yellow and let them dry completely

Step 2 : Place some nail stickers (or regular tape cut into thin strips) horizontally on your nail. You can do this for as many nails as you like but I love accentuating just one nail.

Step 3 : Paint over your nail and the stickers with some black nail polish until it’s completely covered – Two coats should be fine! Then leave to dry completely.

Step 4 : Once the black nail polish is completely dry, Gently remove your nail stickers, stripping it from right to left (or left to right ^_^).

Step 5 : Once removed paint over it with a top coat and voila! C’est Fini!

Here’s my finished result!

Bee Nail Art

What do you think?


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