Lifestyle || 5 things I “can’t” live without

Everyone has a few things that they use or indulge in on a regular basis and essentially (but not literally) items they can’t live without! Well, today I’ll be sharing with you 5 things that I can’t live without!… and if I can, I’ll explain why I can’t live without them!

So let’s go!

My phone! ^_^

Slightly obvious and probably a very essential item for every person living today! However, my phone isn’t necessarily an essential item because I need to keep chatting with my contacts and so on but it’s an essential item because it’s my mini work station!


Whenever I get the chance to, I’m either on my phone drafting up a new post, keeping up to date with the blogging world, networking or social media, responding to emails or simply just staying in touch with my family back in Nigeria. My phone is my little baby and if she went missing, I’m notice immediately!


Body Lotion!

I don’t know why and how exactly my obsession with body lotion started, but I am completely obsessed with not having dry skin! So it only makes sense that I always have some body lotion with me wherever I go!

I cannot stand my skin being dry and it’s actually so bad, someone once told me that “I am always shinning”#lol – basically, that my skin is always moisturized (my personal interpretation ^_^).


High Heels!

It’s a bit evident going through my blog that I am a heels freak and I have several posts about heels!

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I got my first pair of 4″ wedge heels at the age of 13 and ever since then, it’s been a rosy and wonderful relationship between my heels and I.

Wait! Don’t judge… I Simply put, I must be one of their most loyal viewers. For those of you who don’t know what IrokoTv is, it’s almost like Netflix but mainly focused on Nollywood.


I visit this site every day and I probably watch a movie everyday till I doze off. I’ve probably watched every single movie there is on the site, all the Tv series and I’ve seen a few of them more than twice, both series and full length movies. So I guess I can’t live with! ^_^

Last but not the least…



I know! – a bit random (more like very random) and quite hard to believe but if you ask any of my close friends, they’ll tell you that the chances of me having pancakes for dinner or breakfast at least twice a week are quite high!

Again, I don’t know why exactly and I can’t explain it but I love making pancakes and eating them too!… and I always make them from scratch! Maybe it’s ‘cos the recipe I use is quite easy or maybe it’s ‘cos of how quickly I can get them done or maybe it’s just the fact that the ingredients are very affordable… or maybe because they are sooo yummy! Hmmm!

I just might make some pancakes this evening! But oh wells! I love pancakes and I definitely can’t do without them!

What’s one item you can’t live without? ^_^


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