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So recently, I started running out of my perfumes and for some reason I feel so attached to the bottles that I don’t want to get rid of them! So I’ve been researching ways to reuse old perfume bottles and in my search I’ve come across different ways to recycle various kinds of glass packaging!

One that I saw and absolutely fell in love with was this cute, very girlie makeup brush holder that was made using a white mug – not exactly glass but anyways?! ^_^

Anyways, after seeing this I thought to myself, this should work with a jar and luckily I had just finished a jar of jam and so I converted it into this super cute Kissy Face Makeup Brush Holder! – Isn’t it just so cute!


If you agree with me, then here’s a really easy tutorial on how to make your own!

But first! – here’s a list of what you’ll need

An empty Jar

Some permanent markers – one for the lipstick and one for the eye-shadow!

A pair of Faux Lashes

Some fur trimmings

Some glue – Any form of craft glue will do! 

A pair of scissors – Just in case! ^_^


Let’s begin!

Step 1: Peel off your jar sticker!

You can do this using whatever method you like!

However, to make it extremely easy to peel off and to ensure that  there are no sticky bits or paper patches left on, Place your jar in a bowl and pour boiling hot water over it!

Then carefully peel of the sticker, starting from any corner and you’ll have a clean neat glue free jar!

Then wash the jar until it’s squeaky clean and leave to dry.


Step 2: Stick the lashes onto the jar!

Peel off your lashes from it’s packaging and using some of your craft glue stick it on to your jar! Make sure you do not place the lashes in a straight line as you want it to look as ‘natural‘ as possible, i.e. as if it was an actual human face!

Once you’re happy with your lash placement, leave to dry completely!

Top Tip! : At this stage you may want to roll some white paper and place it in your jar as this would help you see where you are placing the lashes and also help you with the next few steps!


Step 3: Apply Draw on your Lipstick!

Start off by drawing the outer shape of the lip and then a thin oval shape in the middle of the lip! Then colour in the lip ensuring your marker strokes are all in the same direction

Top Tip!: Practice drawing this on a piece of paper before drawing it on your jar!


Step 4:Apply Draw on your Eye-shadow

Using whatever colour you like, draw on some eye-shadow! Start by lining the edge of the lash and then draw an arc above it and colour it in!


Step 5 : Wear a Wig Glue on your fur trimming!

Apply a generous amount of glue on the rim of your jar. Then wrap your fur trimming round the rim! You can wrap it round once or twice – or more – depending on how full you want your jar’s ‘hair’ to look!

Leave to dry completely and once it’s dry, your jar is ready to be used!


I honestly can’t believe how nice this jar turned out and I’m so in love with it! It makes it so much easier to access the brushes I use on a daily basis instead of digging them out from my brush folder or my drawers each time I need to use them.

What do you think? Yay or Nay? Leave your thought below!

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