Hi Everyone!

A few of you might recognise these nails from my holiday to Portugal and my Review of the Jamberry Nail Wraps (view here!) So I decided it was only appropriate for me to share with you a quick 4 STEP TUTORIAL on how I applied my nail wraps just to re-emphasis how simple and easy getting the perfect manicure is with nail wraps! So here it is!

But first, what you’ll need!


Items needed

Nail File

Cuticle Pusher


Hair Dryer


Nail Polish (optional)

Your Nail Wraps!

Step 1: Nail Prep

File your nails and make sure it is completely clean. Push back your cuticle with the futile pusher! I applied my nail wrap on faux nails so I didn’t have to push my cuticle back.

However, I painted my nail with black nail polish! Painting your nail(s) is not compulsory but I wanted to make sure that once I applied the nail wrap the black background pops!

DSC_0027 How to apply Jamberry nail wraps 4-2

Step 2: Choose your Nail wrap

Choose the right nail wrap size and cut it into two equal halves (one half for each hand). Then peel off the nail wrap from the laminate using tweezers!

How to apply Jamberry nail wraps 3-2

Step 3 : Stick on the nail wrap!

Using your hair dryer, warm up the ‘glue’ side of the nail wrap! Once the nail wrap is warm and flexible , stick it onto your nail using your fingers first and then your cuticle pusher to smooth out the edges!

How to apply Jamberry nail wraps 3-2

Step 4 : Trim off the excess and File down!

Once you have secured the nail in place, apply some heat to it once again using your hair dryer and then apply pressure using your fingers! Then trim off some the excess nail wrap, leaving just a little bit of it longer than your nail!

How to apply Jamberry nail wraps 2-2

Once you’ve trimmed off the excess, file the nail wrap in a downward motion as shown below! Once this is done, your nails are ready to hit the road!

How to apply Jamberry nail wraps-2

So that’s it!

My Simple 4 step tutorial on how to apply Jamberry Nail Wraps! I’ve never used any other nail wraps so I’m not sure if it’s the same procedure for other brands but I’ll be sure to let you know if I do try out any other brands!

How this helps!

Until Next Time!


DSC_0061 DSC_0070


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