… I get to review this product and it’s so long over due! A few weeks ago I announced to you all that I am now a Brand Ambassador for L’avyanna! Of course there’s no point in representing a brand that you can’t vouch for. So In my introductory post I mentioned that I had put some of their products to the test and they have yielded some fab results so far!

I am so in love with my L’avyanna Face Cream and Vitamin C Skin serum that when I had to choose which beauty products to take on holiday, it was a massive dilemma!

In the end, I had to choose the one I definitely could not do without and that was the Face Cream! – Here’s why I can’t do without it :

  • You only need a small amount to moisturize your face completely!
  • It’s perfect for my combination skin!
  • My skin does not dry out even though I use just a little bit at a time!
  • It doesn’t feel heavy on your skin!

and most importantly…

  • It comes in a small compact container

….and this is important because I had a limited amount of liquids I could take on holiday with me! ^_^


So how do I use this product?

I usually apply my face cream after applying the skin serum. The procedure is the same as any other face cream but just incase you’re not sure what the proper way to apply a skin moisturizer is, read on!

Step 1 : Dot your cheeks, forehead, nose and chin area with your face cream

Step 2 : Using clean hands, rub your moisturizer into your skin in a circular motion!


From the pictures below you can see how little I use at a time – I literally dip the tip of m fingers into the tub and dot my face with it!

So that’s it! L’avyanna’s Vitamin C Face Cream! If you’ll like to try out this product visit the website by clicking here! (Also available in Nigeria!)

Until Next Time!


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2 replies on “Product Review || L’avyanna Vitamin C Face Cream!

  1. I like the face cream and how do I get it both the body lotion for natural skin with hyaluronic acid and botanical extract.


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