DIY Holiday Flip FlopsDIY Holiday Flip Flops

Hi Everyone!

Welcome back to my blog!

So a few of you may know that I recently went to Portugal and before I left the UK I had to (of course) DIY something for my holiday!

For some reason I have been obsessed with anything floral over the past few weeks and I keep buying Floral items – I blame it on Spring!… but anyways. For my holiday, I decided that I’ll make my own floral slippers from regular flip-flops mainly because I think they look cute! ^_^

So here’s a quick tutorial on how I made them!

But first… here’s a list of the things you’ll need!

Items needed

Some fabric flowers

A thin piece of fabric

Glue! – Preferably a glue gun

A pair of Scissors

Some flip-flops!

Step 1 : Prep your flip-flops!

Using any fabric of your choice, wrap your fabric around one strap (or both straps) of your flip-flops. This is to give the flowers a better surface to stick on to as the flip-flop strap is usually too smooth!

Step 2 : Glue on your Flowers!…


However, when gluing on your Flowers, think of how they’ll look when you wear them! You don’t want some flowers facing the wrong direction!

Step 3 : Wear your flip-flops!

I told you it was so easy! Now your flip-flops are ready to hit the beach!

DIY Holiday Flip Flops

One great thing about this DIY is it can be a temporary fix for a holiday and because it’s so easy to do, you can always change-up your design, take off the old flowers and fabric and put on new ones whenever you want!

I hope this helps!

Until Next Time!



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