I have always seen nail wraps in beauty stores and I kept saying to myself “I’ll get them next time“…. but next time never came – Until eventually, fate decided that I it was about time I tried out some nail wraps and I was gifted with some Jamberry Nail Wraps!

When I opened the package to reveal some accent nail wraps, the wraps looked so beautiful and unique! However, the next question on my mind was how to apply them… Then I spotted a set of instructions that came with the wraps and a cuticle pusher which you need to apply the nails properly and I was dying to try them out.

I decided it would be best to wait till I went on holiday before I tried them out as that way I’ll be able to test them properly!

Jamberry Nail WrapJamberry Nail Wrap

I have been wearing the nail wraps for a few days now, I’ve been in water several times (considering I’m on holiday) and they haven’t given me any issues at all! Once applied they stick to your nail like super glue and I am absolutely loving it! Apart from how durable they’ve been there are also a few other major advantage of these nails over regular nail polish!

  1. They don’t chip!
  2. They are easy and quick to apply!
  3. The designs are unique and can’t be recreated easily at home with regular polish!
  4. No smudging issues!
  5. No waiting for Nail polish to dry!…

… In a nutshell, they are the best invention so far when it comes to Nail colour/design.

Now, the ultimate question I ask myself at the end of any review is – Will I be buying this item again? The answer? YASSSSS! Although I was gifted with these particular ones, I would definitely be trying out some other designs – I’m even about to introduce my mum to them!

Special thanks to Sophie @Sophiekate_jams for the nail wraps and Jamberry for inventing them!

Until next time!


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