Having a bad hair day is the most common problem I face personally. I’m not sure if it’s because my hair is kinky or just because most times I don’t have the luxury of spending a lot of it trying to prep my hair the night before for the next morning. This means a lot of the time I end up with matte kinky hair – which is even worse – So when I know I would need to have my hair “on fleek” in the twinkle of  an eye, there are a few plan Bs I have and I would be sharing them with you today!


The first thing to do before I proceed to any of my plan Bs is to prep my hair with some water and hair oil mixture using a spray bottle! This makes my hair a little less matte and much easier to comb and work with!

Step 1

Plan B number 1 – Wrap it up with a Scarf!


Yes! Very obvious but definitely a saviour for everyone. A scarf is a good way to hide your hair completely! I wrapped my hair in a scarf the other day to work and everyone thought it was a fashion statement! – Haha – Wrong, It’s just me saving myself from a bad hair day! and below there’s a mini picture tutorial of how I tied this particular style! However, there are so many other ways to tie a scarf and I’m sure there are loads of tutorials on other amazing blogs!


Solution 1

Plan B number 2 – Cover it with a Hat!


I only recently got into hats and honestly? I am loving every bit of this new style phase of my life. Everyone should invest in hats as they are not only saviours for a bad hair day but they are becoming a staple wardrobe piece with each passing day! What even makes them so great is that unlike scarfs, it’s not so obvious that something is wrong. If you are not the type to usually have a scarf on, friends and family are more likely to know that something’s up and ask why you have a scarf on ; but with a hat… you can get away with it is easier. Once incorporated into your look you can easily say ‘It’s part of my look‘ ;). No more questions asked no lies told! 

For this particular hat, I love to wear a bit of my hair out and to do so, I pin my hair up with bobby pins until only the very front is not pinned down. Then I wear the hat from behind and push the rest of my hair forward with the hat!


Solution 2

Plan B number 3 – Puff/High Bun!


This is probably my ultimate saviour. It looks best on an old twist out, in my opinion. I love this style when I still have some defined curls but my hair is obviously now puffy and not as defined as before. A good trick to making the curls last a bit longer and quite defined after 3-5 days is using shea butter! I dampen my hair a little before twisting them and I find that applying a generous amount of shea butter to my hair while twisting. This helps the curls set really well which is much better than using hair gel!

For my high bun, I recently discovered that using a piece of kinky extension helps give it a very natural look as the extension blends into my hair! So even if it shows, it still looks like my hair and looks very natural! Once again, see my mini picture tutorial below!


Solution 3


So I hope this helped a few ladies out there! What other Plan Bs do you have? Share your tips in the comment box below! I’d love to know what else I can do with my hair as a ‘Plan B’ ^_^

Until Next Time!



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