Growing up, I had always thought that because of how full my lips are, there are certain lip colours that I would have to stay away from. Although I still slightly hold on to this belief, I’m so glad Red is not one of those colours! ^_^ I mean – It would be quite annoying to not be able to wear red lipstick just because it looks slightly off. Anyways, as with everything in the style world, everyone has an item or colour shade that works for them and over time I have been able to find a few red lipsticks that are my absolute fave! So today I’ll be showing you my 4 Red Lip Colours and also give a quick review of them!

Sleek – Vixen

Do I still need to talk about Sleek? I had mentioned in a previous post that I absolutely love sleek! So it’s no surprise that this product is my number 1, first and most essential must have Red lipstick! I use this product almost allll the time and  for many different looks because it’s so vibrant and lasts long. I have bought this product again and again just so you know how much I love it but there’s a but – The only thing I don’ like about this lipstick is the fact that it is sheen and I personally prefer matte lip products. So I sometimes use this product with the next product I’ll be talking about , the MUA velvet lip lacquer.

MUA Velvet Lip Lacquer – Reckless

Product Review here!

Like I mentioned above I usually use this with my red sleek lipstick but I also use it on its own sometimes. I love it because it is very affordable – £3 to be precise – and it is such good value for money. It lasts long and is so beautiful! Whenever I wear this product people always ask where I got it from and they never believe me when I tell them the price and that’s why this is the 3rd bottle of this product I am using!

Miss Sporty – My BFF Lipstick My Kindly Red 302


When I bought this product, I was trying to experiment with new drug store brands to see how good they are and essentially try out different product types but with cheap brands first. So I reached out for this lipstick and bought in the same time I got my Fabulous eyes glossy eyeshadow by Miss Sporty and ever since then I’ve been stuck on it! This product cost only £2.99 and it feels and looks much more expensive. I believe it’s a dupe for one of Revlon’s Lipstick range but I’m not entirely sure – Anyone know?

 Barry M – Lip Paint 121: Pillar Box Red

When I first tried out this product, I was a bit disappointed because the colour didn’t ‘pop‘ out as much as I would have loved but for some reason, I kinda like it now. It’s a sheen lipstick but not so shiny which makes it a perfect alternative for my Sleek Lippy. However, I doubt I would be buying it again because it cost relatively the same amount as my sleek lipstick (£4.49) and I personally prefer the sleek!

So those are the 4 Red Lip colours that I currently own and use. If you’re looking to try out a new red lip colour, then these four would be a good starting point as they are all inexpensive and relatively good value for money!

Hope this helps!



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One thought on “Product Review || My Drug Store Red Lip Colour Collection Review!

  1. I LOVE a good red lip!!! This post was amazing, thanks for sharing!!! I followed you, hoping for a follow back if you wouldn’t mind 🙂 I am just starting out and going to be reviewing a lot of makeup products as well!


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