I can faintly remember the first time Efua and I reconnected on social media – I’ll explain why I say reconnected. I was a little confused with a whole lot of other emotions as well, because I recognised her and her face was very familiar but I couldn’t remember where we had met! As time passed, we spoke more and more and I tried as much as possible to avoid the awkward question of asking where exactly we know each other from … and then one day it hit me! Grade school – Many many, many! years ago! ^_^

I have always secretly admired Efua and truth be told I still do! I have also always wanted to connect with a friend who understands the world of blogging and is also really, really into blogging. So when Efua decided to start blogging (check out her blog here!) coupled with my already mahoosive fondness for her, I knew I had finally found the friend I was looking for – Almost like a saviour from the past!#lol

Anyways, for her guest appearance on HSM, Efua is wearing an outfit she designed herself and like the title of this post suggests, it’s an Effi Original! She wore this look to an art gallery in Abuja, Nigeria and after reading her post on LightFashcon, her blog, I have now secretly added it to my list of places to visit and also shoot at (Sshhhh! Don’t tell her!). You can view her full post here and read all about her trip to the Thought Pyramid


Excerpts from her post!

” … For me, these pieces seemed so pure and edgy at once, and very interactive … I’ve never wanted to touch something so bad. The concepts did not seem far-fetched or foreign, yet they took me on a journey, alright! … So, an hour’s visit extended to a three-hour one and I soaked and basked in the history and beauty and talent of all the paintings and sculptures that furnished the walls … I visited the gallery like anyone would (I heard about it and I went there) and it was such a thrill for me to fall in love … “

Read the full post on her blog Lightfashcon.wordpress.com

I’m so glad Effy and I finally got to do something together, Partially – This time it’s an exclusive post but be sure that you’ll be seeing a lot more of her around HSM and next time it would be a combined post! But for now I hope this lil post wasn’t too ’emosh’ for y’all. Head over to Lightfashcon.wordpress.com and connect with Efua @effygolightly on Instagram!

Until Next Time!



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