Different types of heelsWho else gets confused about the different names been thrown around these days all in the name of heels? I mean… aren’t heels just heels? Yes… they are but just the same way we have T-shirts and Shirts, Ripped Jeans and High-waisted Jeans, we also need some way to identify the different types of heels. So today, I’ll showing you a few of my favorite heels and telling you their names just to help explain some of the different kind of heels we have on the market today!

Court heels

This class of heels usually have a heel height of about 2-3 inches with a low-cut front and no strap! However, some versions have higher heels.

Although most court shoes are plain in the sense that they have no added object or accessory to them, some do have ankle straps, bows, studs and so one. However, the basic shape is the same. They are great for smart looks whether it’s smart casual or smart formal.



These heels are very easy to spot as they have an elevated front part, usually about 1-2 inches high. These shoes also have a very high back heel. However, they are usually very comfortable to walk in compared to heels of the same height without a platform. This is because the platform provides extra comfort and balance, which doesn’t make the back heel seem as high!

Strappy Heels

Just as the name suggests, these heels have loads of straps covering the top of your foot. However, some variations have straps extending up to your calf or knee.

Ankle Strap heels

Just as the name suggests, these heels have a strap around the ankle! Nothing more! ^_^

Peep Toes

Again… like the ankle strap heels, these shoes are exactly what the name suggests. They are shoes that ‘peep toes’ – i.e. they show a little part of the front of your toes – hence the name. They come in many variations but the most common ones are platform peep-toes or sling back peep-toes.

Block Heels

Usually easier to walk in, these heels have a chunky heel than the conventional heeled shoe. They are great for casual looks and for added support when you want high heels with great balance!

So that’s it guys. Those are some of the common types of heels and I hope this post helped someone out there sort out all the confusion! ^_^

Until Next Time!



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