Product Review || MUA Velvet Lip Lacquer – Moxie and Reckless

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Hi Everyone!

So this is a quick product review of two Matte Lip Lacquers by M.U.A. in the shades Reckless and Moxie – anddddd I have a surprise for you guys later on today  ^^! I’d previously reviewed another shade from this line of products called Atomic but since then I have introduced two more shades to my collection – Reckless which I have been using for a long time now and Moxie who is really new to the family! ^^

So let’s jump right into it…



Reckless is the red coloured one while Moxie is the pinkish one! – more of a pinkish red shade if you ask me ^_^ – Both staple lip colours anyways!

The product container is a new design by the brand and is much prettier than the previous design. The previous bottle had a black head and a clear body whereas this one has a metallic gold head and a semi transparent body which gives it a more luxurious look! It also seems like they’ve added a new fragrance to the ingredients as these lip lacquers now have a nice sweet smell as well!

Both products are very easy to apply and dry matte within 5-10 seconds. The are also very vibrant and require only 1 to 2 coats for a full coverage application. They last really long and most times do not require a touch up even after a meal or having a drink!

The only down side to them – if you’ll call it that, is that it takes a while to get it off and most times I have to use about 2 face wipes to clean it off completely!. That said, I feel the are very good value for money anyways as similar high ranged products would cost much more! This Lip – Lacquer also usually lasts for over 6 months  (even up to a year!) and that alone makes it a winner!

So that’s it really – Quick and simple and I hope this helps someone out there! – Don’t forget to check back this evening to see what surprise I have for you! ^_^ (hint – Freebies!!!)

Thanks for reading!



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