Beauty || Face Cleansing Aids – Brushes and sponges

Everyone has heard of facial scrubs in the form of liquid products, cleansers, toners and the likes (- I think), but have you heard about facial brushes and sponges?

Over the past few months I have been exploring the different options available in terms of face cleaning aids and I think it’s about time I share with you my experience with some of them! So let’s jump right into the post shall we!??? ^_^

Facial Brush

The first facial brush I got was one by The Body Shop which cost £4 at the time of purchase. I used this brush morning and night to wash my face instead of just using my hands. At first my skin broke out a little but after about 3 days, my skin started to clear out and I didn’t experience any major breakout again. I’m not quite sure why I broke out in the first place but whatever the case, I think it might be ‘normal’ because I was so impressed with the results from using this brush, I recommended it to my friend. She bought the brush and started using it and also had a  slight breakout, which cleared up after few days. It is  really great for cleaning your pores and generally for a more effective wash. I quite like this brush and although I don’t use it as much since I got a battery-powered one, it is definitely worth a try if you’re looking for a brush to help clean your pores! – especially if you have large pores. ^_^

The bristles on this brush are very soft and what’s also great about this particular brush (compared to the battery-powered one) is that you can control the brush movement completely!!!

Tip: When using this brush it is advisable to scrub in an outward circular motion. Also clean the brush properly after every use and let it dry between use to keep it clean and hygienic!

The other kind of face brush that I use (like I mentioned earlier) is a battery-powered one. I got this brush from ebay for £5.39 and although not shown in this post, this brush comes as a complete kit with 4 other ‘heads’. Each head can be detached and reattached to the main body and they all have different uses. However, I use this one the most which does pretty much the same thing as the one I spoke about earlier. The only difference is this one goes much faster than the human hand can which is better! So for that reason I prefer using this brush especially when doing a deep cleanse of my face!

Note of caution : From my personal experience, I do not advise you use the battery-powered brush everyday because of how quickly the brush moves which can be a bit too harsh for your skin. If you must use the brush everyday then use it on a low setting or use a hand controlled one so you can control how quickly the brush moves over your face!

Face Sponge

In all honesty, I only started using these sponges about a month ago but they are absolutely fab! There’s nothing particularly special about them but they do help to give your face a good GENTLE clean! They are very good at absorbing oils and product and they do not drip water or product when being used! I use these sponges everyday, morning and night and even in-between the day when I just want to give my face a water only clean! – I love them ^_^

I got a pack of four from amazon for £1.99 and honestly that’s a major bargain! One thing to note though but not something to worry about is that these sponges shrink when dry. It doesn’t come looking extremely dry but after a few uses It does start to shrink but swells back up once in contact with water (even just a few drops! ^_^) 

So… if I had to choose between the facial brush or sponge, which ones would I pick as my favourite? The Facial Brush or Facial Sponge? I recommend both!

Like I said before, the Facial brush is great for a deep cleanse, which is needed once in a while BUT IT IS DEFINITELY NOT FOR EVERYDAY USE

The Facial sponge is great for everyday use but would not clean your pores as effectively as the Facial brush can.

Both products work well together and would be a great addition to your skin care collection! Together they cost less than £10 (£5.39 for the facial cleaning kit and £1.99 for the facial sponges). So it’s definitely worth a try if you’re looking for a more effective face clean.

Another major benefit of using these products is, if you keep them clean and let them dry out properly between each use, you are less likely to introduce new bacteria to your skin which you normally would introduce your skin to when using your hands to wash your face!

Hope this helps!

Until Next Time everyone!



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