A few weeks back I was contacted by the support team at L’Avyanna and I was told about an opportunity they had which was becoming an ambassador for the brand! So after a few conversations and a little research about the brand, it’s ethics and the likes, I knew I had finally found a Brand I would be proud to represent and so I decided to join the team as a BRAND AMBASSADOR^_^



Being a massive skin care enthusiast and one who loves using organic skin care products the most, working with L’Avyanna couldn’t be more perfect! My favorite skin care products on my journey to #TeamFlawlessSkin have always been the ones that are usually neglected and left by the way-side. Natural Organic substances such as  Lemon, Honey, Tea tree oil, Water (Steam), Coconut oil, Shea butter and the likes have always been the products that work best for me and they are very readily available and in most cases cheaper and more effective than your average products.(I actually wonder why I just don’t stick to them alone! I blame the adverts ^_^). Anyways, because of my love for natural products and substances with no harmful chemicals added to them, I knew L’Avyanna and I would get along VERY WELL. Of course I am still on my journey to having skin that is completely blemish free and I have definitely come a long way from where I used to be a year ago, but I’m even happier than ever now that I know and work withL’Avyanna

So… Who or What is L’Avyanna?

L’Avyanna is a natural and organic skin care line focused on addressing the different skin care needs of both men and women with different skin types. Our products are made from natural and organic ingredients and manufactured in England…

L’Avyanna has a

“... longstanding interest in Nigeria given that the CEO of L’Avyanna is a former Nigerian beauty queen who intends to lend all the beauty tips she has learnt over the years to her customers.

… and that was it! A brand that actually produces products with organic ingredients – what more could a girl want! After reading this excerpt and speaking to the CEO of the company, May (Hi May!) I just knew I would love working with L’Avyanna. Of course, every brand would make themselves sound great online No?… So even after all the conversations I had, I still had one question in mind “Do L’Avyanna products actually work?” So I decided to give some of the products a ‘test-drive’ before telling you guys about my new connection with the Brand!

Last week, I received two of the brand’s SUPER SKIN DETOX products and I have been using them religiously for the past 1 week – One week only! For one week I have used the Vitamin C Face Cream and the Vitamin C Serum and the results? – I cannot believe! On the box, these products are described as products that help brighten up your skin and repair skin damage. For as long as I have known, my skin has always looked dull and it has always been a constant struggle between using oils that are too greasy to prevent my skin looking dry or ‘dead’ and using products that dry out oily skin – Some serious combination skin struggles. However!!!… for the past one week I have not had excessively oily skin or a case of my skin drying out! I use the Serum Day and Night and the Face Cream on top of the Serum during the day and I absolutely love the way my skin feels when I’m done! The L’Avyanna Vitamin C Face cream is amazing as only a little bit goes a long way! It is also very light and doesn’t feel like you’ve applied anything to your face after application but you can definitely feel that your face is moisturised all day long. The Serum is also very lovely and together these products have worked some serious miracles on my face over the last week!


DSC_0056-2 DSC_0058-2 DSC_0059-2

DSC_0040 (1)

So… Do L’Avyanna products work? YES!!! and I can’t wait to get my hands on more products! Of course this was a very quick introduction to this new phase in my life as a BA (Brand Ambassador) for L’Avyanna and also a quick review on the products – So expect a proper review of the products I mentioned in this post along with the results after a month or so! I’m so excited about this new journey with L’Avyanna and can’t wait to share more fabulous products by the brand with you!

Do check out their website by clicking here! and try out some of their other products . They even have a BESPOKE section where you can create your own products by choosing the ingredients you want to go into them! (The combinations are endless)… Okay…enough rambling! ^_^ I love you all. Thanks for reading and Until Next Time!


FYI : L’Avyanna means – Strong Beautiful woman!


For more about L’Avyanna, Connect with the brand on Instagram @lavyanna_skin and visit the website at Lavyanna.com


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